Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Telecom Italy and the walls of rubber

Periodo nero per chi cozza contro i muri di gomma. Telecom Italia. Non mi arriva il cartaceo da tempo perché ho ADSL. Non l'ho chiesto io di abolire il cartaceo, ma ok, I'm fine. I decide to make a direct debit bill. The first month - as is normal - the bill jumps. In February, I get a reminder of payment for the bill in December. Pick up the phone and I realize that I have pulled the line. Look at the facts: the reminder letter is dated January 12 and is contained in an envelope with no postmark (it's delivered by a courier). The letter informs me that from the date of the letter (Jan. 12) I have 13 days to pay. If mathematics is not an opinion, 12 + 13 makes 25, so I have until Jan. 25 to pay the bill. Too bad that I get the reminder on February 3! When I realized I had jumped a bill it was too late. I pay the bill immediately and wait to be collected. After two days the site of the 187 tells me that all bills are paid. ... Pick up the phone disconnected. Thus began dripping with the 187 service. I respond by saying that the line will be activated within 48 hours. I look forward to two days, I lift the receiver off the line .. e.. Calling the 187 and tell me that there is a fault within 48 hours and that I should have the line. I look forward to two days, I lift the receiver off the line .. e.. Calling the 187 slightly altered. I say it's strange, maybe the technician did not check the failure because of unpaid bills ... as usual, is to wait 48 hours. After two days, guess what? Line still disconnected. On the fourth call a young lady a bit 'sour replies that she is a life that works there and Telecom normally suspend the service without any reminder. "Why, did not inform the customer?" I do. "No, you do not worry if you by the customer receives the bill ...". I understand it, if it pulls out from a spider hole, we make a good claim to be '. I sent a fax of complaint yesterday and are still without phone. Saturday will send a nice letter with return receipt to Telecom Italy, and AGCOM Altroconsumo. Let's see if I hang up this phone BEEP! Needless to say that January was paid regularly by my bank.

For the uninitiated, the 187 is not directly managed by Telecom Italy, but it is - secondo la moda attualmente in auge - affidato in outsourcing. In altre parole, una società esterna risponde al 187 per conto di Telecom Italia. Anche la lettera di sollecito è stata recapitata da una società che non è Telecom Italia (con quasi 1 mese di ritardo!). Vediamo...quando vado sul sito del 187 appare quel BIP di assistente elettronico che non so mai come poterlo azzittire. E' snervante. Sono costretto a disabilitare il volume del mio computer per non sentirlo! Stesso stress per il 187 telefonico. Una voce registrata ti racconta tutta la storia di Telecom Italia, poi alla fine scopri che puoi premere lo '0' per parlare con un operatore. Le prime volte mi sorbivo tutti i menu, poi ho sentito alcune persone 'esperte' che I was advised to press '0 'immediately, without listening to any message. What can I say? The piece of music you listen to the 187 in the long run gets really ugly, and the service overall, you can get your blood pressure to 200. Moral of the story: Delays in paying a bill? You unplug the telephone immediately. You pay the bill? You hang up the line slowly ... slowly ... maybe. But first you have spent a bit ', otherwise good is that? Small

calculation of the servant ... fee of about € 25 every two months are 12.5 € per month. Let's get rounded to 10 €. Telecom Italy manages approximately 25 million fixed lines only in Italy. So ... 25,000,000 x 10 = € 250 million. Each month, Telecom Italy cashing fee of € 250 million (not counting the traffic of course). In the old coinage are about 500 billion lire per month. Not bad right? Yeah but the fee is for two reasons: maintenance and innovation. Maintenance?! We want to talk about the state of Telecom Italy cabinets? According to reports presented by (the transmission of RAI tre) does not seem that the maintenance is a strong point of Telecom Italy. We want to talk about the side ADSL lines? No need for detailed reports, just read reviews from users on it.tlc.gestori.telecom or on it.tlc.telefonia.adsl . Innovation: in Italy it comes to ADSL to 20 Mbps and rightly forbids TAR Telecom Italy to continue his service as a monopoly (Telecom Italy is obliged by law to offer 20 Mbps wholesale to other providers, but the Telecom do not like that too). The real innovation that will make France Telecom, March 1, will offer 100 Mbps over optical fiber at about 44 euro per month. This is innovation! However quiet, Telecom Italy there are people who work for us: Marco Tronchetti Provera, Gilberto Benetton , Carlo Buora and Giovanni Consorte to lead the largest Italian telecommunications company. All people who gravitate around Olimpia SpA, the holding company that controls Telecom Italy. Ooops ... Tronchetti Provera resigned from the Board of Directors of Telecom Italy a few months ago (was replaced by Guido Rossi). Before the scandal of the interception course. Yeah, but then with all this money coming in and without investment and without maintenance Telecom Italy will be active! Hmmm, some € billion of debt there ... I wonder why I always come back to mind the words of Beppe Grillo when he talks about Share Action to 'recover' the Telecom. The fee? I always thought it should be abolished: it makes no sense to spend money even when you subscribe to a service. Beppe Grillo also see that think like me ...


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