Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Best Simulator For Switches Force (no, not that of Berlusca)

Apprendo incredulo da questo simpatico post che il fantomatico mega portale turistico is slowly materializing. MAYBE. Yeah, because basically they are just over two years stands at the same laconic page work in progress. The funny thing - if I may say so - is the 'picturesque' logo which was delivered in two years of feverish work by Landor Associates , the legendary American company that created the logo of detergent Bold! Wow! Well, I must say that with all the 'pocket money' spent, perhaps something a bit 'could create the most decent. Only needed a little more effort. Or not? I follow the story from a couple of years, ever since I read the news in a newspaper. The thing that struck me most was the large amount of money allocated for the development of this portal. In fact, the so happened that at that time the undersigned is faced with its own website dedicated to tourism (then I knew by heart all the most popular portals and Italian tour could not fail to arouse my attention.) A dynamic site that was all over the globe. We worked in two. For two years every Saturday and Sunday were sacrificed in the name of that portal. FREE working exclusively on weekends, we were successful in two to store all the websites of some 8,000 Italian municipalities. This is just to give you an idea of \u200b\u200bwhat that project was ambitious. Our website is not confined to Italy. It comprised all the countries of the world. One mole of the enormous work. The enterprise was a failure, and given the failure, there is not even that we had registered the domain. Water under the bridge now. But back to This portal in fact, the opposite of mine, could take advantage of ... well listen, listen ... € 45 million! Yes, this is the amount that was allocated. Exult with joy, so taxpayer money is spent! The result? The logo that proudly shows Rutelli at a press conference at Palazzo Chigi. As usual, I love to say what I think without frills: this incident is simply shameful. The amount allocated is huge. Is not justified. It 'a scandal. And I speak as a webmaster, with a minimum of knowledge of the facts then. With that figure could restructure all the Web sites of all Italian municipalities! The words of the Secretary to the Prime Riccardo Franco Levi are moving too, deserve to be reported, "We have invited all the agencies who wanted to propose for this race. We are more than 70 agencies and nearly 60 have submitted almost 160 proposals under different forms. We have established a panel of judges composed of the department with technicians Publishing and Cultural Activities Department and Public Works chaired by Mancinelli. Then we enjoyed the precious advice of a Group of Eminent Persons that will assist us in defining communication strategies. Among these Laura Biagiotti, l'ingegner Andrea Pininfarina, l'ingener Paolucci, il professor Fabbris. I progetti sono stati presentati in modo anonimo e la scelta è stata corroborata dal giudizio di queste alte personalità". Complimenti! Aggiungerei. Ehm...sarà che sono scettico di natura, ma ci crederò solo quando lo vedrò in funzione. Per ora vedo solo la solita pagina di lavori in corso. Ah, a proposito: di portali turistici italiani, ce ne sono già a bizzeffe in giro. Uno fra tanti: il mitico ENIT .


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