Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Long Does The Stomach Flu Last In The House

matter of priority

I am opposed to all the 127 NATO bases in Italy, a concept that I have already expressed here, so I avoid repeating myself. Beppe Grillo in this post says: "I do not know that the U.S. atomic bombs in our area are about ninety, in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by Italy. He does not know the war is over in 1945 and that the presence the United States in our area is inconsistent with national sovereignty. He does not know that 200,000 of Vicenza do not want the base. He does not know who Zapatero, the day after the election, he kept his word to his constituents. It withdrew NOW troops from Iraq. Do not know the employee, who was put there by his constituents and not georgedabbliubush. He does not know that Italy is a nuclear target in the event of war.. "The base in Vicenza you can refuse, of course, some people - always says Grillo -" have denounced the U.S. government to court in Pordenone for the presence of 50 nuclear devices in the Aviano base. "Of this he speaks in this video . Some European countries to NATO members have refused some bases, so we can do it too. No obligation then. I fully share. I'm against bases and NATO support in Kabul. Right? Ma .. BUT ... BUT there is a big as a house is a matter of priority and affordability. I mean you better. Vicenza base would not create major damage (I repeat that I do not want it), indeed, perhaps would make a positive (Germany has offered huge money to host the base), foreign policy has flaws: In Bush has announced a spring real war (it would seem to fight against the Taliban), and Kabul is no longer mission of peace but of war. In light of this blame as those who voted against the motion on foreign policy? As to those who blame him - not voting - has remained consistent with principles and ideals? Yes, you can blame. Indeed it should. Yes, because the priority at that time was to avoid bring down the government. I think this is was an irresponsible act. This act shows wickedness and irresponsibility. What has been achieved by voting against? You wont get more in Kabul? The base in Vicenza will not be enlarged? Look at the facts: If you were to go to elections, the next incoming government - if it were right - would certainly consent to the additional 127 bases NATO, would give the green light for any operation in Kabul, Lebanon, Iran and so on and and so forth. If you were to give confidence, and you could not know with which device to hold a firm majority strong, determined, immovable, then the foreign policy - by force of circumstances - should be 'digested'. Like it or not. So, this stance as the fruits produced? I do not see. The only effect of this test of consistency was to topple the government. Nice try. It 's just what the country needs at this time. Think before you act.


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