Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chelsea Charms Biggest Breasts

The Salone del Mobile, the prices of hotels and ... the usual controversy.

Everything is born of a signal Cosmit, organizer of the much-anticipated event, which alleged cases of raising room rates near miraculous after he "caught" a hotelier who, it seems had quintupled the price of the rooms. The Cosmit doubt, in short, is that someone has too much in touch up prices, thus violating the law. From here, the announcement of the provincial Tourism in a series of checks to the carpet. We offer some comments made by the parties, unfortunately, not exhaustive, but certainly noteworthy, it could be useful to formulate the right response to the Government prosecutors.

Carlo Guglielmi, president Cosmit
"It's a counterproductive attitude to the hotels themselves. Those arriving in town for business, if treated with proper fees, is encouraged to come back. " "The disadvantages are felt throughout the industry Italy tourism. It gives a wrong image of our country. At the fairs that are abroad, do not you come to a similar aberration. "

Marco Donzelli, President Codacons
"A city like Milan can not afford this type of business practice. It means not to take the viewpoint of trade and the trader if it finds a suitable environment must be elsewhere. "

The Province
Antonio Oliverio, Minister of Tourism, Province of Milan

"The provincial police has been activated to check if the hotel owners have changed the prices agreed earlier this year - Announces -. Sometimes, in conjunction with certain events, hotel prices doubled and this is a damage to the city. This time will not allow anyone ".

For their part, hoteliers do not seem to be afraid of Milan allegations.
" There is a fundamental mistake: it is not increased, but the full price of the rooms and in other times of the year are discounted based on supply and demand - says President Alberto Sangregorio, who skillfully turns the accusation: "We must work together? Let's do it: In difficult times, revitalized the city" .

What do you think?