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The Senate confidence vote by 162 votes to Prodi: do not vote Andreotti and Pininfarina. Now it's up to the House. Well, we are a bit 'more relaxed and I feel obliged to the number of reflections. First thought: the more time passes, the more I realize that we should not talk nonsense when you do not know the facts. Including myself. I refer to the 'lynching' report immediately by the two 'dissidents' who have made the government fall. And here lies the point: are they really that made it fall? I'm talking of course of the Senators and Fernando Rossi Franco Turigliatto . Everyone, including print, were hurled against them, ascribing 'gifts' of wickedness and criminal irresponsibility. Well, when you summarize written by Rossi Workshop Communist . To approve a measure in the Senate, you need 50% + 1 vote of those present . This is a detail not to be underestimated. With Rossi and Turigliatto in attendance, the necessary votes to approve the motion on foreign policy would be 162. Absent Rossi and Turigliatto, the votes needed to pass the motion becomes 160. Please note: we are talking about absent and present that to refrain . Abstention in fact be considered as votes against. Let's see what happened when the government is broken: the motion is passed by 158 votes. As Rossi and Turigliatto were not present, the required majority was 160 votes: 2 thus lack the votes of those present call. What are these people? The senators for life Andreotti and Pininfarina, which, although present abstained (basically voted against). If Rossi and Turigliatto had voted favorably, the Government would also fallen . Who then is that the government did fall? Andreotti and Pininfarina! At this point, clarified this little 'detail' to the actual responsibility of those who produced the crisis, let's talk about 'those who were treated by everyone (including myself) as dissidents. Rossi writes: "The question is, therefore, as follows: I could vote against or (which would be equivalent) not-for-statements by the Minister and the Foreign Ministry? And I could not-I could at the same time. I could (I could ) because for months I say otherwise all'avvallo the war in Afghanistan (as Bush calls it - 'the offensive primavera' Communard-and not some extremist. "How can we not agree? Continue Rossi:" I could not-if this, as it seemed from the statements of D'Alema and Jordan, meant to express a sort of no confidence in Prime Minister and his team. I could not even, in parallel, betraying 100,000 of Vicenza and the program, full of earnest pacifism Union. Avoiding the antithesis of march, just a few hours before it (along with many and various parties of the center-left), to say 'No Dal Molin' is 'No to militarism' and then propels the parliamentary life? How to break the deadlock without Prodi to take risks? In one way: by deciding not to participate in the vote choice but lowered the numerical majority to achieve help, so, the executive-in that it needs a minimum number of votes.. "They do not seem outrageous statements made by a person that not aware of the responsibility that must burdened by virtue of the mandate entrusted to him. Indeed. From these words it is clear the anxiety of one who is torn between voting with your conscience or vote against their own principles because it was established a priori. But let the other 'dissident': Turigliatto. Here are his words gathered in an interview in Corriere della Sera: "I'm ready to confidence in Prodi vote on it tomorrow, because we do not want the return of Berlusconi." And again: "I'm sorry. I claim my right to vote according to conscience on everything, especially things that are not on the program of the Union, such as Afghanistan and Vicenza." How to blame him? I confess that on Afghanistan Vicenza and I think the same way. But here is a step that should give pause: "We do not even believe you, eh?" I think eventually I would have eaten the rice was me. But I can not do more to vote on things that make me sick. You see? " . In short, if we find the politicians sold us angry, if we find politicians shocked us upright (with the fall of the government). Let us resolve. The real cause of the crisis of government, may not be attributable to the reform that the same Calderoli - referring to the electoral law - called a slut?

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From a post by Stefano Quintarelli here's a link to a very interesting video that's worth a look. But I plan to return to this subject in another post, as the matter deserves some reflection ...

Dirver Licencence Says Temprory

interesting countries happier

A University of Leicester psychologist has produced the "world map of happiness." Analyzing the data published by UNESCO, the CIA, the New Economics Foundation, WHO, Veenhoven Database, Latinbarometer, Afrobarometer and UNHDR, is checked out a map of the countries happier. The 20 cities 'happy' would be as follows:

1. Denmark

2. Switzerland

3. Austria

4. Iceland

5. Bahamas

6. Finland

7. Sweden

8. Bhutan

9. Brunei

10. Canada

11. Ireland

12. Luxembourg

13. Costa Rica

14. Malta

15. Holland

16. Antigua and Barbuda

17. Malaysia

18. New Zealand

19. Norway

20. Seychelle

Hmmm ... I see ... Italy is due to the portal Ok, joke ...

(thanks: GuyKawasaki )

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Real-time traffic

The pervasiveness of Google has no limits. The latest idea about Google Maps: you can now see the real-time traffic of the major American cities (try with New York for example). Just go to Google Maps and type the name of a city. Once the map appears, click on 'Traffic'. The streets colored green indicate flow of traffic (more than 50 miles per hour), and yellow indicates medium traffic (25 to 50 mph) and red indicate heavy traffic (less than 25 miles per hour). The interesting thing is - for the uninitiated - that Google maps can also be viewed on mobile phones! Not a bad idea. When do the traffic maps of Italian cities? (Source: Motoricerca ).

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Enough talk, are facts! The Water

Kyoto Protocol. By now everyone knows what it is. We always talk about good intentions, but you never speak of facts? That's what makes today's technology:

- LED (Light Emetting Diode). They are special lamps which consume about 40% less energy. Some time ago I learned the news of an Italian town that - to cope with economic hardship - he endeavored replacing these lights with LED lights. Resulting in a substantial savings. Just think how many traffic lights in Italy. Always lit, day and night. In North Carolina, Raleigh is the first city in the world lit by LEDs. For now, they started with a parking lot. If you can save almost half, because in Italy - by law - not requiring use of these LEDs? Traffic lights, street lights, signs ... what would be saved?

- Japan, Tokyo. In March you will get the test results related to electricity production from algae in tests carried out showed that with a ton of algae can produce 10 kW of electricity per hour. We supply 20 homes!

- It 's created the solar handbag. You walk and you recharge anything inside. Phones never discharges?

- Solarspot. An Italian company (evvai!) won the gold medal for innovation at the 2003 Paris Batimat. It is a product that - listen, listen - conveys the sunlight indoors. The rooms are brilliantly illuminated with no need for electricity! Only sunlight. There is also the site of Solartrading that is well worth a visit. For those interested, I suggest you visit the site and watched on television Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 20:30 LA6 canal.

These are just a few facts taken from ecoblog . They are innovations that leave their mark. These technologies available TODAY. This is not the future, it is present. Then, we continue to talk about the Kyoto treaty, or start doing something about it?

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In 2002 an international summit was held in Johannesburg. The main purpose of the summit was the strengthening of political commitment to sustainable development. The Johannesburg Declaration is the document that was produced on that occasion. 24/25 September 2003 was held the international conference "Water for Life and Peace" organized by Green Cross International. been almost 5 years and nothing has changed . Here are some data supplied by Green Cross Italy :

of about 6.6 billion inhabitants of the earth ...

2.5 billion people do not receive adequate health services.

2 billion people lack access to electricity.

1.5 billion humans lack access to safe water to drink.

1.2 billion people live on less than a dollar a day.

800 million people suffer from hunger.

In 2004, the EU issued the following statement: "The European Commission today decided to proceed against Italy and other EU countries for offenses relating to the Water Framework Directive and the Urban Waste Water Treatment." I'd be happy if you talk more water and less of NATO bases. I ask too much?

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noses in Sudan?

Next Wednesday there will be a confidence vote in the Senate, the House Friday. We'll see. Meanwhile, however, I would like to talk about another topic: the fountains of Rome. The inspiration for this post came after a discussion he had today, about the waste of water caused by the Capitoline fountains. The question that arises is: why not give to tap so-called 'noses' the Romans? For the benefit of foreigners who were unlikely to read this post, I note that the noses are the fountains in cast iron (100 kg of metal) 120 cm tall with a characteristic curved tube, fitted with the hole suitable for the production of jet quenching. The first fountain of its kind, was installed for the first time in 1872 by the councilor Rinazzo . In Rome there are about 2,500 noses. Years ago, the junta said the Capitoline attempt to provide some of taps 800 Roman noses. After some time, however, were eliminated. Why? Here is what has been learned by consulting the Web: the taps were not practical to use, subject to continuous vandalism, causing the water heater (s noses are made of cast iron and, especially in summer, warm up a lot). Not only that: it seems that interrupted the flow of water from fountains is necessary. But we continue to search for information on the Internet.

In the town of Rome, the body managing the water is the ' ACEA. ACEA (Azienda Comunale Electricity and Water) was born in 1909 under a different name, AEM (Azienda Elettrica Municipale) which became AGEA (Governor Electricity and Water Company) in 1937, when they began the work of the aqueduct Perschiera. In 1945, the AGEA becomes ACEA SpA and in 1999 became a (Municipality of Rome holds 51% stake). ACEA in Rome serves about 3.6 million inhabitants, and creates a water volume of about 550 million cubic meters per year. Now, let 's figures. says the 2006 Human Development Report prepared by the UN that the minimum daily requirement of per capita is about 20 liters of water (as suggested by WHO and UNICEF.) In Sudan there are about 36 million inhabitants, 70% of which, according to estimates that do not have access to drinking water . An isolated case? We say that Sudan, Tunisia and Pakistan, form the so-called "triangle World thirst," but there are many countries that are facing the problem of water scarcity. But back in Rome.

ACEA informs us that thanks to the 6 major sources of water supply (Peschiera, Le Capore, Acqua Marcia, Acquoria, Acqua Felice and Pertuso) 4 field well (Pantano Borghese, Finocchio, Torre and Torre Angela Spaccata) and Lake Bracciano, each inhabitant of Rome has every day to 500 liters of drinking water . Rome-Sudan: who and who is nothing too. When they were built, the two fountains in Piazza S. Peter, consumed about 6 million liters of water per day. Today are equipped with a device that allows recycling. In addition to the noses 2500, in Rome there are about 1,500 ornamental fountains. But the Trevi Fountain you can not just quit! Then come back to the history of noses and faucets. The ACEA argues that the wastage of water due to noses is insignificant. Not only that, it would seem counterproductive to provide them with taps. According to the 2005 annual report of ' APAT, Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services, the continuous flow of water, avoiding stagnation in plumbing and would serve to maintain the most efficient and' clean 'networks sanitation. Thinking of and a half billion inhabitants of the planet without access to safe drinking water, thinking of the 3 billion people that will not have access to drinking water in 2020, well, is to reflect. And we wonder: Is it really necessary to consume 5000 liters of water to produce a hamburger?

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Force Prodi

The most likely hypothesis seems to be the reference to the Chambers of Romano Prodi. It is not Prodi bis, many say, but Prodi 1 (then the same governmental structures). The center has the support of Marco Follini (who left the People's Party and founded the movement 'Middle Earth' and has a polling station) in the Senate and Raffaele Lombardo has two seats. From what I read on Reuters Italy seems to be 'working' to gain even the support of a senator Forza Italy! Hmmm ... all right but I do not like it ... too wide arrangements? I do not understand. Forza Italy is opposed to any reappointment to Prodi. Do not repeat the statements of Mr Berlusconi because even deserve a comment. However there seems to be a commitment on the level of 12 points - not negotiable - presented by the Prime Minister. The list of 12 points can be found here . The President Napolitano will have to decide to delay the Senate this government to verify trust. E 'approved the expulsion of Senator Franco Turigliatto. I do not know how it will end, but one thing is certain: with this attitude, Prodi has won 10 points. IMHO.

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matter of priority

I am opposed to all the 127 NATO bases in Italy, a concept that I have already expressed here, so I avoid repeating myself. Beppe Grillo in this post says: "I do not know that the U.S. atomic bombs in our area are about ninety, in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by Italy. He does not know the war is over in 1945 and that the presence the United States in our area is inconsistent with national sovereignty. He does not know that 200,000 of Vicenza do not want the base. He does not know who Zapatero, the day after the election, he kept his word to his constituents. It withdrew NOW troops from Iraq. Do not know the employee, who was put there by his constituents and not georgedabbliubush. He does not know that Italy is a nuclear target in the event of war.. "The base in Vicenza you can refuse, of course, some people - always says Grillo -" have denounced the U.S. government to court in Pordenone for the presence of 50 nuclear devices in the Aviano base. "Of this he speaks in this video . Some European countries to NATO members have refused some bases, so we can do it too. No obligation then. I fully share. I'm against bases and NATO support in Kabul. Right? Ma .. BUT ... BUT there is a big as a house is a matter of priority and affordability. I mean you better. Vicenza base would not create major damage (I repeat that I do not want it), indeed, perhaps would make a positive (Germany has offered huge money to host the base), foreign policy has flaws: In Bush has announced a spring real war (it would seem to fight against the Taliban), and Kabul is no longer mission of peace but of war. In light of this blame as those who voted against the motion on foreign policy? As to those who blame him - not voting - has remained consistent with principles and ideals? Yes, you can blame. Indeed it should. Yes, because the priority at that time was to avoid bring down the government. I think this is was an irresponsible act. This act shows wickedness and irresponsibility. What has been achieved by voting against? You wont get more in Kabul? The base in Vicenza will not be enlarged? Look at the facts: If you were to go to elections, the next incoming government - if it were right - would certainly consent to the additional 127 bases NATO, would give the green light for any operation in Kabul, Lebanon, Iran and so on and and so forth. If you were to give confidence, and you could not know with which device to hold a firm majority strong, determined, immovable, then the foreign policy - by force of circumstances - should be 'digested'. Like it or not. So, this stance as the fruits produced? I do not see. The only effect of this test of consistency was to topple the government. Nice try. It 's just what the country needs at this time. Think before you act.

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Wise words

The reasons for the crisis of government according to Antonio Di Pietro, summarized in this video: government crisis. What can I say ... he has already said it all: wise words. Tonino for President!

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Prodi resigned

government crisis after the Senate vote on foreign policy (158 votes out of 160 required): Romano Prodi resigns as President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. Series pulls pulls the rope breaks. "The resignation irrevocabili" - ha detto Prodi. Dopo la votazione a palazzo Madama, Prodi ha convocato un vertice a palazzo Chigi con ministri e leader di partito e si è sfogato arrabbiandosi con tutti. Da domani ci saranno le consultazioni e le ipotesi che si delineano sono le seguenti: voto di fiducia - ma Prodi richiede a questo punto una maggioranza completa ed incondizionata - governo di garanzia o elezioni anticipate. Brrr...all'ultima ipotesi non voglio neanche pensare. Chi ha votato contro il Governo, è una persona coerente con le proprie idee o un irresponsabile? Io dico solo una cosa: non ci voleva...per il bene del Paese.

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Apprendo incredulo da questo simpatico post che il fantomatico mega portale turistico is slowly materializing. MAYBE. Yeah, because basically they are just over two years stands at the same laconic page work in progress. The funny thing - if I may say so - is the 'picturesque' logo which was delivered in two years of feverish work by Landor Associates , the legendary American company that created the logo of detergent Bold! Wow! Well, I must say that with all the 'pocket money' spent, perhaps something a bit 'could create the most decent. Only needed a little more effort. Or not? I follow the story from a couple of years, ever since I read the news in a newspaper. The thing that struck me most was the large amount of money allocated for the development of this portal. In fact, the so happened that at that time the undersigned is faced with its own website dedicated to tourism (then I knew by heart all the most popular portals and Italian tour could not fail to arouse my attention.) A dynamic site that was all over the globe. We worked in two. For two years every Saturday and Sunday were sacrificed in the name of that portal. FREE working exclusively on weekends, we were successful in two to store all the websites of some 8,000 Italian municipalities. This is just to give you an idea of \u200b\u200bwhat that project was ambitious. Our website is not confined to Italy. It comprised all the countries of the world. One mole of the enormous work. The enterprise was a failure, and given the failure, there is not even that we had registered the domain. Water under the bridge now. But back to This portal in fact, the opposite of mine, could take advantage of ... well listen, listen ... € 45 million! Yes, this is the amount that was allocated. Exult with joy, so taxpayer money is spent! The result? The logo that proudly shows Rutelli at a press conference at Palazzo Chigi. As usual, I love to say what I think without frills: this incident is simply shameful. The amount allocated is huge. Is not justified. It 'a scandal. And I speak as a webmaster, with a minimum of knowledge of the facts then. With that figure could restructure all the Web sites of all Italian municipalities! The words of the Secretary to the Prime Riccardo Franco Levi are moving too, deserve to be reported, "We have invited all the agencies who wanted to propose for this race. We are more than 70 agencies and nearly 60 have submitted almost 160 proposals under different forms. We have established a panel of judges composed of the department with technicians Publishing and Cultural Activities Department and Public Works chaired by Mancinelli. Then we enjoyed the precious advice of a Group of Eminent Persons that will assist us in defining communication strategies. Among these Laura Biagiotti, l'ingegner Andrea Pininfarina, l'ingener Paolucci, il professor Fabbris. I progetti sono stati presentati in modo anonimo e la scelta è stata corroborata dal giudizio di queste alte personalità". Complimenti! Aggiungerei. Ehm...sarà che sono scettico di natura, ma ci crederò solo quando lo vedrò in funzione. Per ora vedo solo la solita pagina di lavori in corso. Ah, a proposito: di portali turistici italiani, ce ne sono già a bizzeffe in giro. Uno fra tanti: il mitico ENIT .

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Telecom Italy and the walls of rubber

Periodo nero per chi cozza contro i muri di gomma. Telecom Italia. Non mi arriva il cartaceo da tempo perché ho ADSL. Non l'ho chiesto io di abolire il cartaceo, ma ok, I'm fine. I decide to make a direct debit bill. The first month - as is normal - the bill jumps. In February, I get a reminder of payment for the bill in December. Pick up the phone and I realize that I have pulled the line. Look at the facts: the reminder letter is dated January 12 and is contained in an envelope with no postmark (it's delivered by a courier). The letter informs me that from the date of the letter (Jan. 12) I have 13 days to pay. If mathematics is not an opinion, 12 + 13 makes 25, so I have until Jan. 25 to pay the bill. Too bad that I get the reminder on February 3! When I realized I had jumped a bill it was too late. I pay the bill immediately and wait to be collected. After two days the site of the 187 tells me that all bills are paid. ... Pick up the phone disconnected. Thus began dripping with the 187 service. I respond by saying that the line will be activated within 48 hours. I look forward to two days, I lift the receiver off the line .. e.. Calling the 187 and tell me that there is a fault within 48 hours and that I should have the line. I look forward to two days, I lift the receiver off the line .. e.. Calling the 187 slightly altered. I say it's strange, maybe the technician did not check the failure because of unpaid bills ... as usual, is to wait 48 hours. After two days, guess what? Line still disconnected. On the fourth call a young lady a bit 'sour replies that she is a life that works there and Telecom normally suspend the service without any reminder. "Why, did not inform the customer?" I do. "No, you do not worry if you by the customer receives the bill ...". I understand it, if it pulls out from a spider hole, we make a good claim to be '. I sent a fax of complaint yesterday and are still without phone. Saturday will send a nice letter with return receipt to Telecom Italy, and AGCOM Altroconsumo. Let's see if I hang up this phone BEEP! Needless to say that January was paid regularly by my bank.

For the uninitiated, the 187 is not directly managed by Telecom Italy, but it is - secondo la moda attualmente in auge - affidato in outsourcing. In altre parole, una società esterna risponde al 187 per conto di Telecom Italia. Anche la lettera di sollecito è stata recapitata da una società che non è Telecom Italia (con quasi 1 mese di ritardo!). Vediamo...quando vado sul sito del 187 appare quel BIP di assistente elettronico che non so mai come poterlo azzittire. E' snervante. Sono costretto a disabilitare il volume del mio computer per non sentirlo! Stesso stress per il 187 telefonico. Una voce registrata ti racconta tutta la storia di Telecom Italia, poi alla fine scopri che puoi premere lo '0' per parlare con un operatore. Le prime volte mi sorbivo tutti i menu, poi ho sentito alcune persone 'esperte' che I was advised to press '0 'immediately, without listening to any message. What can I say? The piece of music you listen to the 187 in the long run gets really ugly, and the service overall, you can get your blood pressure to 200. Moral of the story: Delays in paying a bill? You unplug the telephone immediately. You pay the bill? You hang up the line slowly ... slowly ... maybe. But first you have spent a bit ', otherwise good is that? Small

calculation of the servant ... fee of about € 25 every two months are 12.5 € per month. Let's get rounded to 10 €. Telecom Italy manages approximately 25 million fixed lines only in Italy. So ... 25,000,000 x 10 = € 250 million. Each month, Telecom Italy cashing fee of € 250 million (not counting the traffic of course). In the old coinage are about 500 billion lire per month. Not bad right? Yeah but the fee is for two reasons: maintenance and innovation. Maintenance?! We want to talk about the state of Telecom Italy cabinets? According to reports presented by (the transmission of RAI tre) does not seem that the maintenance is a strong point of Telecom Italy. We want to talk about the side ADSL lines? No need for detailed reports, just read reviews from users on it.tlc.gestori.telecom or on it.tlc.telefonia.adsl . Innovation: in Italy it comes to ADSL to 20 Mbps and rightly forbids TAR Telecom Italy to continue his service as a monopoly (Telecom Italy is obliged by law to offer 20 Mbps wholesale to other providers, but the Telecom do not like that too). The real innovation that will make France Telecom, March 1, will offer 100 Mbps over optical fiber at about 44 euro per month. This is innovation! However quiet, Telecom Italy there are people who work for us: Marco Tronchetti Provera, Gilberto Benetton , Carlo Buora and Giovanni Consorte to lead the largest Italian telecommunications company. All people who gravitate around Olimpia SpA, the holding company that controls Telecom Italy. Ooops ... Tronchetti Provera resigned from the Board of Directors of Telecom Italy a few months ago (was replaced by Guido Rossi). Before the scandal of the interception course. Yeah, but then with all this money coming in and without investment and without maintenance Telecom Italy will be active! Hmmm, some € billion of debt there ... I wonder why I always come back to mind the words of Beppe Grillo when he talks about Share Action to 'recover' the Telecom. The fee? I always thought it should be abolished: it makes no sense to spend money even when you subscribe to a service. Beppe Grillo also see that think like me ...

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Charity? No thank you

Charity? No thanks. It 'as said the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to a group of dancers lap-dance in Canada. The dancers of Vancouver had organized the "Exotic Dancer for Cancer" in memory of their colleague died of breast cancer. $ 6000 collected. Thousands of dollars refused. Trina Ricketts, founder of a lap-dancer has been shocked by the fact that people expect the money raised as money laundering. How can you refuse the money in this way? Clearly those involved in research in Canada, not the same need for funding of someone who deals in Italy. Any further comment is superfluous.

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DICO DICO or not?

The introduction of DICO (Rights and obligations of persons permanently living together), covered in a bill suffered a lot, is sparking lively debate. As often happens when important issues are touched, they immediately created two opposing camps: those in favor and the implacable opponents. Those who are opposed to unmarried couples, consider this new law as an actual attack on the family and marriage. Now, if the reasons for this aversion are understandable when they are supported by religious people, they immediately become garbled when people have to advocate so-called secular. Yes, because if we exclude the religious value that can take on marriage as a sacrament, what remains is a mere civil contract, though suffering some major limitations. These limitations fall with say, though - it must be accepted - with this bill in some ways the situation worsens. Meanwhile Immediately clean the area by false attack on family issues: legislative institutions similar to DICO are long in many European countries. Nevertheless, families still exist in France, Germany, Spain and any country where unmarried couples are recognized by law. Sure, I might say that in France for example - according to demographic report compiled in 2004 by 'INSEE - from since 2000 the number of marriages has fallen (PACS entered into force by Law No 99-944 of 15 November 1999). But this means only one thing: in France, cohabitation has increased compared to marriages. It 's interesting to note, moreover, as only a ten PACS has been dissolved. Considering therefore that the issue of civil unions is covered by long majority of democratic European countries, considering that nothing is immutable but rather is likely to change (amazing to say, marriage is a 'discovery' of the Church recently and dates back to 1215, thanks to the Fourth Lateran Council), whereas the institution of marriage denies absolutely the protection of certain rights (such as unions between same sex), whereas the need to protect important rights (assistance in case of illness, grant a residence permit, housing assignments, survivors' pensions and so on), a bill such as that which is being discussed, it is necessary. Once purified the mind from the false issue of the attack on the family, but should critically analyze the bill under discussion, in order to highlight the flaws and inconsistencies that lie within. Here are some points that puzzle me:

- declaration of cohabitation separated. It can also be made by one partner, that should take care to notify the other partner made by registered letter. Which is absurd in my opinion. What happens if the letter is withdrawn - quite legitimately - by the same partner that delivers?

- 9 years of living together are necessary to allow the succession. Absurd. Weddings on average melt much earlier. These 9 years are the result of a compromise created by the clash between the Catholic wing (which called for 15 years) and the secular front (which called for 5). This as proof of how strong the interference of the Church in Italy in matters which do not compete.

- takeover of the partner in the lease after at least 3 years. A Constitutional Court ruling in 1988 already recognized the opportunity to take over the lease without any obligation of time. This point is therefore in sharp contrast with what is established in that case. Same problem for you to enjoy the benefits on workers' rights: three years for viewing, when some collective agreements (such as journalists for example) already recognize such rights without limit of time of cohabitation.

In short, there is to discuss this law, but not to decide whether or not it is right to protect unmarried couples, as it is right to decide whether or not what is being proposed by the same law that is being proposed. Otherwise we risk - if things remain as proposed - To do a 'PACS' back instead of forward.

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Want to be bad?

The effects of smoking on health (cancer and heart disease) are known for some time, that is not well known is the damage that cigarettes cause to the skin. Women, beware: the smoke is due to sagging skin, wrinkles unmistakable, dull and dark circles. A recall is an oncologist Gianni Ravasi, president of LILT (Italian League Against Cancer) in Milan and the dermatologist Riccarda Serri, representative of Women Dermatologie Italy. The term 'smoker's face' (face from smoke) was coined by the British physician Douglas Model 1985, published in the British Medical Journal lists the characteristics of the face of those who smoke: crow's feet, wrinkles around the eyes, sunken cheeks, loss of elasticity of the skin, often pale face. The cause of these effects can be attributed to the toxins contained in the 4000 elements in the smoke that reduce the flow of oxygen and cause the decrease of vitamin A. The skin of a person suffering from smoking is 25 to 40% thinner than the average person. Nearly one woman in five is dependent on the cigarette. I wonder if the fear of losing the beauty manages to convince women to abandon the blondes?

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M'illumino minus 2

Friday, February 16, replicating the initiative 'M'illumino less', Raidue program launched by Caterpillar. Today marks the second year after the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Lights out at 18 at the Coliseum in Rome, the Duomo in Milan, the Arena in Verona, the Mole in Turin, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, in Female Angevin Naples, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Parliament also adhere to the Quirinale, the Inland Revenue, the libraries of Rome. Some farm offers dinners by candlelight. Alfonso Pecoraro Ascanio said that "only in the last edition off the lights was spared unnecessary since the entire energy region of Umbria." I remember that the initiative adheres not only Italy but all over the world. 18 to extinguish a bit 'of stuff, as usual.

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Internet Disconnection Sample Letter

Petition for Karim Amer

Tomorrow, February 15 there will be a worldwide event with the participation of Roma, New York, Paris, London, Bucharest, Ottawa, Washington to request the release of Karim Amer ale Egyptian authorities. Karim Amer is an Egyptian boy aged 22, arrested for expressing their opinions on his blog against the authoritarian regime of President Mubarak. There is also an online petition . We sign so many and spread the news.

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am optimistic

be honest: this makes me mad Left sweetened not at all. It can not certainly be called 'Left DOC'. The point is that the coalition di maggioranza è composta da forze troppo eterogenee che male si amalgamano tra loro. La causa di ciò è la legge elettorale varata dal precedente Governo. Tale legge ha di fatto costretto tutta una serie di partiti diversi ad allearsi tra loro. Cosa ha a che fare infatti un Clemente Mastella con la Sinistra? O un Alfonso Pecoraro Ascanio? Ricordo ai più distratti che Mastella ha più volte minacciato un appoggio al Centro-Destra qualora non fosse stato assecondato. Con una coalizione così è molto difficile poter governare. Sempre ai più distratti ricordo che dopo quasi mezzo secolo di proporzionale un referendum popolare consentì nel 1993 l'entrata del sistema maggioritario (75% maggioritario e 25% proporzionale). In barba the will of the majority of Italian citizens in 2005 (Law 270/2005) to return to the proportional . The same Calderoli League called the law a 'crap' (and the majority view 'narrow' the election result, I must say that he is right). Urge electoral reform. There are two things I expect from this government: 1) electoral reform, 2) the regulation of conflict of interest. In any case - against my nature - I am optimistic. There are warning signs that presage a slow but definite decline of the exit of Italy from the tunnel in which the previous government had thrown out. It is a slow process, with some uncertainty here and there, but something is moving. Mind you, these are trifles, but that's something. Back Rubbia. He had been kicked out by ENEA and had gone to Spain to promote his solar thermal power plants, such as Pirolo Gargallo (project never went to the port). Because by the previous legislature Rubbia leaves Italy and returns to the present? Liberalization. It 'a small thing, but something is moving there as well. Maybe it will eliminate the cost of recharging cell phones, maybe we will see drugs in all supermarkets, we can close the account at a bank we have no termination fees, we pay off your mortgage without penalty, you'll see how it goes with gasoline. Wimax. Blocked for more than 1 year and a half with the excuse of the trial (as is already the case for other European countries). The previous government was too busy to develop the DTT (digital terrestrial). Civil Rights. I say I'm not the French PACS, but it's a start. If we calculate the resistance that we are in Italy (because of the interference of the Church), we can not complain. In short, something is moving in the right direction. Sure, they are trifles, I repeat, there is much to be done. There are big problems to be solved: economic development, renewable energy, unemployment and pensions. Now the opposition accuses the government to deal with trifles and neglecting the big themes. Yes, this may be true, but then turned the accusation: durante la precedente legislatura il precedente Governo non si è occupato neanche delle quisquilie. Già, effettivamente era troppo impegnato a varare leggi ad personam. Su tale versante c'è da dire che si è prodigato a profusione...

Monday, February 12, 2007

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Tamacun chitarra...perché l'ho appesa al chiodo? Rodrigo y Gabriela in Tamacun . Ehm...volendo c'è anche la versione live . Notare che si tratta solamente di 2 chitarre! Non sono presenti percussioni. Tutta la parte ritmica di accompagnamento è eseguita da Gabriela mediante un particolare utilizzo della mano destra. Hmmm...per la parte di Rodrigo non ho problemi, esiste da qualche parte una Gabriela disposta ad accompagnarmi? ;-)

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Video Tutorials

Internet will never cease to amaze me. Now I'm anything thanks to the Internet (research, reading newspapers, TV, yellow pages searches, searches on telephone subscribers, purchasing, market research and so on). Consult the tutorial and unloading various manuals. Today I found a new site: Dohowto . This is the first site (as far as I know) that contains video tutorials on using various software. On Dohowto you can find videos that show programs such as Photoshop, iTunes, PowerPoint, Windows, Mac OS X, Word, and many others. In this video for example, shows how to save an attachment from an e-mail mail with Outlook 2000. The site is in English though! The idea is not bad but the number of video content on the site is limited. So I wonder: why not develop the idea and create an open source-style website wikipedia? Anyone can create instructional videos and send them to the site. A kind of YouTube but dedicated exclusively to tutorials and instructional videos. What do you think?

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E 'born' The future of La Maddalena La Maddalena

E 'born' The future of La Maddalena ", the first blog that deals with socio-economic initiatives for the development of the island of La Maddalena.
There are some ideas on whom to discuss intervening with your arguments and your opinions, others by entering it deems appropriate. I hope you want to speak of you comparing your beliefs with those of others in an attempt to find solutions for a better future of our island. My hope in addition to the above is to request a effective dialogue. For the less experienced (like me) this means, scroll down the post and subsequent After the visit, if you want, enter your comments (simple or very detailed).
's idea of \u200b\u200bthis post is to make visible the commentators who so wish, you can also enter your video on youtube and send me to email the url or rather the code so that I am authorized to enter them in blog. It 'obvious that the object of your video should adhere to the Treaty on these pages and that any comments and videos will be the sole responsibility of the author.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Wordpress is fantastic!

So ... one day of absence from the blog. Ok, but is motivated. I decided to get serious and to abandon the Blogger platform. The fact is that there are many limitations and the domino is registered (but unused) for years now. That's why I'm beginning to study WordPress, state of the art as regards the CMS (Content Management System) dedicated to blogs. In short, one of those software that allow you to create a blog (or site) on the fly, without having to worry about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and so on. Long ago, after having 'played' a bit 'with various open source CMS , I noticed that many of these are terribly difficult parts to use (and say I'm a programmer). Wordpress is the exception: open source but easy to use. In the morning I learned everything there was to learn about using the Wordpress platform. And if I've learned ... I must say that using it will understand the reason for this success: is easy to use, configurable to the maximum, easily upgradeable with hundreds of plugins available on the Internet, dozens of issues, in short, a real bomb. In less than five minutes I installed it on my iBook (having already installed PHP and MySQL for some time). I believe that Linux installation requires more or less the same time (PHP and MySQL are installed by default depending on the type of installation and distribution of Linux). On Windows, when installed MySQL and PHP do not think there should be no problems. I learned how to use Wordpress, I registered the domain, I just need a subscription to a hosting service and the game would be done but ... I'm a fussy type. Given the enormous potential of Wordpress, there are no a theme that satisfies me fully, I decided to create a theme of my own. So here are motivated my day off ... we are studying. In fact ... we are working for you! ;-)

Friday, February 9, 2007

What Happened To Ls Island

work there, lack the will!

Today I read an article titled Computer Place: IT? The work is definitely there. lack the will. The subject deserves a post. PI's article is actually a signed letter, sent by an entrepreneur who laments the difficulty in finding people 'willing' to work in the IT world. The entrepreneur says that young people not willing to take responsibility, who have ambitions that are not willing to move to that claim too. In addition considered obsolete teaching courses in Italian universities. Well, I'm furious! I can only append to the vast majority of comments from readers of PI and I believe I can make an informed decision, because I work in IT for almost 20 years.

But we begin by analyzing the Italian business world. Entrepreneurs complain of labor costs too high, preventing a balanced competition with emerging countries (eg China). The government, to solve these problems, conceived to reduce the tax wedge. Now, in this respect, a different view. This is certainly not the main cause of Italian economic crisis, but here's what I think. I believe that in Italy the the entrepreneur has disappeared and that for some time, a new category appeared on the horizon: the recruiter. Now the so-called entrepreneurs dealing with finance. The 'entrepreneurs' Italians are committed to creating new boxes and close the old boxes, buying companies at a stop. What has to do with Mr. Benetton highways? The streets are made of asphalt, not wool. What has to do with the Pirelli Telecom? Nothing builds a tire and the other deals with telephony. These are not true entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are real people who create the work. The real entrepreneurs are working hard to develop an idea they consider innovative and ultimately - if it's worth - it becomes profitable. Entrepreneurs Handyman are real people, people who have brilliant insight. People who invest and who are at risk because they see farther than others.

Pirelli? It was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, not Tronchetti Provera. Giovanni Battista Pirelli was a true entrepreneur. Now the Pirelli owns Olimpia SpA, a holding company in Milan with no employees. Olimpia SpA produces what? None. By Olimpia SpA, Marco Tronchetti Provera, holds the majority stake of Telecom Italy. What advantage you get from these mergers? You create growth? You create jobs? It stimulates the economy? The Benetton family has created a famous brand in the world, Edizione Holding now controls the company Autostrade SpA I will not go on the development given by Benetton in the Italian motorways, tolls do not want to talk about, I just mention a name infamous: Salerno-Reggio Calabria. And who wants to understand ... So you do not create anything, you do not create new jobs, not create new products. It is not enough. The state subsidizes the crisis of these companies that do not produce. There are people who ditched the companies with the sole purpose of personal gain. Result: redundancy, mobility, reductions, cuts. Yeah, there's so much social status. They are called social safety nets. They are called incentives. They are called tax relief. I've always wondered: what makes us Telecom Italy with the fee of millions of subscribers? Everyone has a phone in Italy, try to multiply 25 € for the number of subscribers Italians. It turns out a lot of money. Collected from Telecom Italy a month and a month off. Yeah, but there are investment and maintenance! Maintenance? We want to talk about the state of the lockers Telecom ? Ferrovie dello Stato. Debt layer. The CEO walks away and his 'work' was awarded in 2004 with a buyout € 6.7 million. Since it is 'good', is sent to Alitalia. Now, the State Railways have a deficit of 2 billion € . Nearly 4,000 billion old lire. The deficit Alitalia however, is much more modest, appena 380 milioni di euro . Visto che ci sono ricordiamo lo stipendio di Cimoli va'. Circa 2 milioni e 700 mila euro l'anno ! Scusate ma non ce l'ho fatta: il nome di questo AD dovevo farlo. Quindi...dicevamo? Ah, si! La colpa della crisi dell'economia italiana è il costo del lavoro! Certo, certo.

Ma ora che mi sono sfogato un po' (non troppo a dire il vero) e ho detto come la penso degli imprenditori italiani e della crisi delle aziende italiane (ma potrei scrivere un libro sull'argomento), andiamo sul quotidiano. Cosa chiedono le aziende quando presentano le offerte di lavoro? Richiedono persone giovani (per usufruire delle agevolazioni fiscali), da assumere a progetto (perché when one does not charge you certainly can not pay his salary) he has experience working for an elderly person (because the required technical knowledge is acquired through years of work) who are willing to move and finally, not having too many claims with the salaries. I might add a little joke that is spontaneous, but I limit myself to one: 'do not want anything else?'.

Care companies and dear 'entrepreneurs', professionals of this type can be found perhaps in China, not Italy! It 's a bit like expecting your cake and eat it too. Or not? How do you say that the work exists, but that lack the will? It is to be furious. I am furious that I have 20 years working in the field IT, I imagine what they might have young people trying to enter the world of work. Here is what a guy writes PI: "Generally, the offer of temporary employment agencies classical corresponds to a multi-platform systems engineer, programmer (with no less than 5 languages \u200b\u200bknown by heart), db enginer (here also list kilometers), maximum twenty-four, with 5 years (minimum) of accounting experience preferably with large corporation and all contracts "junior" (to the face, who knows the senior then) 2 weeks (quiet, renewable ...) to the minimum wage ...". That 's right, it's all true. As they say, 'quote in full'. Such knowledge is difficult to find even in people with long working experience behind us, let alone young people just out of school. Indeed, a person with considerable technical knowledge so acquired in such a short time, does not really have specific experience at all. Not just a unique experience but proven? These requests will say a lot: squeeze up to capacity. In 4-5 years you can not become systems analysts, DBAs and programmers experienced in the same time. Unless you have the antennas and be green of course ... ;-) Dear entrepreneurs, invested . Invest in people. Given the opportunity for young people to gain experience. Otherwise, what happens to the popular wisdom has always known: those who want anything too tight. And the Italian economy is falling apart.

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fixed link-Palau

Which initiatives depends on the future of La Maddalena ? From a broader vision linked to tourism development? From the disposal of state property and therefore their use by the public and private? From the archipelago of La Maddalena National Park? By urban development? I do not think any of the aforementioned hypothesis is, by itself or together with others, enough to create economic prosperity or a cultural growth of the population. In my opinion, the 'main initiative would to try to achieve a fixed link between the' island (Sarda) of La Maddalena and Sardinia. A bridge, a bridge-tunnel (allowing a greater speed and continuity of movements) would more easily to the citizens of La Maddalena, the opportunity to take advantage of the cultural village of the inappropriately named "dry land", of course, the converse. The same applies to be provided by residents of La Maddalena, the opportunity to work outside of 'archipelago. Are there any disadvantages? Perhaps the loss of jobs of seafarers and of 'induced, but this would be offset by those that would be obtained initially by the construction of the bridge or bridge-tunnel, then, management and maintenance. Also part of the fixed link made with a bridge (La Maddalena, Santo Stefano) could accommodate both sides of the small business business (crafts, jewelry stores, kiosk, belvedere pitches and more) by arranging jobs for others and thus transformed into a scenic walk. Another disadvantage could be represented by the largest influx of outside workers and from 'apparent decrease of business and craft but this is not true because if a business or artisan is well managed and has the ability to operate outside of the archipelago , should not have problems due to the competition as it should not have workers able to work in Olbia, La Maddalena, Temple, Arzachena Santa Teresa Palau and other places and then come back with more ease in which they reside. Another negative point is the hypothetical increase alleged crime due to the higher influx of people in our environment. What do we surround ourselves with the barbed wire? The other cities that are on the "mainland" have done? E 'inconceivable that the' output of the fixed link would be a funnel where potential criminals would go to hunt? Some say the nature of the island would unnatural, ugly , according to Venice with me the link to the "land" has not lost its charm, and if a bridge is built with certain features become paesiggisticamente qualifying and then a 'further tourist attraction. The hospital would not lose because of impôt temporally closer to that of Olbia, but because they would acquire would be more accessible by the people of Palau, Santa Teresa, and even becoming Arzachena really complements that of Olbia. Today
La Maddalena import all the goods they need, buy it at much higher prices because of its insularity and the inhabitants are forced to spend more than a little of their time and money for each shift. Ovviabile This is only making a fixed connection between the two sides. I invite you to participate in this post with your opinions. The new PUC
of 2008 or 2009 in preparation provides a permanent connection only between the island of La Maddalena and Santo Stefano , this mainly to allow the movement of the commercial port in Santo Stefano in the former mooring the vessel in support of U.S. nuclear submarines. See floor plan is drawn up by the future PUC