Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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am optimistic

be honest: this makes me mad Left sweetened not at all. It can not certainly be called 'Left DOC'. The point is that the coalition di maggioranza è composta da forze troppo eterogenee che male si amalgamano tra loro. La causa di ciò è la legge elettorale varata dal precedente Governo. Tale legge ha di fatto costretto tutta una serie di partiti diversi ad allearsi tra loro. Cosa ha a che fare infatti un Clemente Mastella con la Sinistra? O un Alfonso Pecoraro Ascanio? Ricordo ai più distratti che Mastella ha più volte minacciato un appoggio al Centro-Destra qualora non fosse stato assecondato. Con una coalizione così è molto difficile poter governare. Sempre ai più distratti ricordo che dopo quasi mezzo secolo di proporzionale un referendum popolare consentì nel 1993 l'entrata del sistema maggioritario (75% maggioritario e 25% proporzionale). In barba the will of the majority of Italian citizens in 2005 (Law 270/2005) to return to the proportional . The same Calderoli League called the law a 'crap' (and the majority view 'narrow' the election result, I must say that he is right). Urge electoral reform. There are two things I expect from this government: 1) electoral reform, 2) the regulation of conflict of interest. In any case - against my nature - I am optimistic. There are warning signs that presage a slow but definite decline of the exit of Italy from the tunnel in which the previous government had thrown out. It is a slow process, with some uncertainty here and there, but something is moving. Mind you, these are trifles, but that's something. Back Rubbia. He had been kicked out by ENEA and had gone to Spain to promote his solar thermal power plants, such as Pirolo Gargallo (project never went to the port). Because by the previous legislature Rubbia leaves Italy and returns to the present? Liberalization. It 'a small thing, but something is moving there as well. Maybe it will eliminate the cost of recharging cell phones, maybe we will see drugs in all supermarkets, we can close the account at a bank we have no termination fees, we pay off your mortgage without penalty, you'll see how it goes with gasoline. Wimax. Blocked for more than 1 year and a half with the excuse of the trial (as is already the case for other European countries). The previous government was too busy to develop the DTT (digital terrestrial). Civil Rights. I say I'm not the French PACS, but it's a start. If we calculate the resistance that we are in Italy (because of the interference of the Church), we can not complain. In short, something is moving in the right direction. Sure, they are trifles, I repeat, there is much to be done. There are big problems to be solved: economic development, renewable energy, unemployment and pensions. Now the opposition accuses the government to deal with trifles and neglecting the big themes. Yes, this may be true, but then turned the accusation: durante la precedente legislatura il precedente Governo non si è occupato neanche delle quisquilie. Già, effettivamente era troppo impegnato a varare leggi ad personam. Su tale versante c'è da dire che si è prodigato a profusione...


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