Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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The Senate confidence vote by 162 votes to Prodi: do not vote Andreotti and Pininfarina. Now it's up to the House. Well, we are a bit 'more relaxed and I feel obliged to the number of reflections. First thought: the more time passes, the more I realize that we should not talk nonsense when you do not know the facts. Including myself. I refer to the 'lynching' report immediately by the two 'dissidents' who have made the government fall. And here lies the point: are they really that made it fall? I'm talking of course of the Senators and Fernando Rossi Franco Turigliatto . Everyone, including print, were hurled against them, ascribing 'gifts' of wickedness and criminal irresponsibility. Well, when you summarize written by Rossi Workshop Communist . To approve a measure in the Senate, you need 50% + 1 vote of those present . This is a detail not to be underestimated. With Rossi and Turigliatto in attendance, the necessary votes to approve the motion on foreign policy would be 162. Absent Rossi and Turigliatto, the votes needed to pass the motion becomes 160. Please note: we are talking about absent and present that to refrain . Abstention in fact be considered as votes against. Let's see what happened when the government is broken: the motion is passed by 158 votes. As Rossi and Turigliatto were not present, the required majority was 160 votes: 2 thus lack the votes of those present call. What are these people? The senators for life Andreotti and Pininfarina, which, although present abstained (basically voted against). If Rossi and Turigliatto had voted favorably, the Government would also fallen . Who then is that the government did fall? Andreotti and Pininfarina! At this point, clarified this little 'detail' to the actual responsibility of those who produced the crisis, let's talk about 'those who were treated by everyone (including myself) as dissidents. Rossi writes: "The question is, therefore, as follows: I could vote against or (which would be equivalent) not-for-statements by the Minister and the Foreign Ministry? And I could not-I could at the same time. I could (I could ) because for months I say otherwise all'avvallo the war in Afghanistan (as Bush calls it - 'the offensive primavera' Communard-and not some extremist. "How can we not agree? Continue Rossi:" I could not-if this, as it seemed from the statements of D'Alema and Jordan, meant to express a sort of no confidence in Prime Minister and his team. I could not even, in parallel, betraying 100,000 of Vicenza and the program, full of earnest pacifism Union. Avoiding the antithesis of march, just a few hours before it (along with many and various parties of the center-left), to say 'No Dal Molin' is 'No to militarism' and then propels the parliamentary life? How to break the deadlock without Prodi to take risks? In one way: by deciding not to participate in the vote choice but lowered the numerical majority to achieve help, so, the executive-in that it needs a minimum number of votes.. "They do not seem outrageous statements made by a person that not aware of the responsibility that must burdened by virtue of the mandate entrusted to him. Indeed. From these words it is clear the anxiety of one who is torn between voting with your conscience or vote against their own principles because it was established a priori. But let the other 'dissident': Turigliatto. Here are his words gathered in an interview in Corriere della Sera: "I'm ready to confidence in Prodi vote on it tomorrow, because we do not want the return of Berlusconi." And again: "I'm sorry. I claim my right to vote according to conscience on everything, especially things that are not on the program of the Union, such as Afghanistan and Vicenza." How to blame him? I confess that on Afghanistan Vicenza and I think the same way. But here is a step that should give pause: "We do not even believe you, eh?" I think eventually I would have eaten the rice was me. But I can not do more to vote on things that make me sick. You see? " . In short, if we find the politicians sold us angry, if we find politicians shocked us upright (with the fall of the government). Let us resolve. The real cause of the crisis of government, may not be attributable to the reform that the same Calderoli - referring to the electoral law - called a slut?


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