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Guerrilla-a society of Egypt

The revolt seems planned with the USA!
this indiscretion of WikiLeaks is not surprising that much, right? The U.S., although in recent years have changed the hair from white to black, seem to maintain at least part of the expansionist policy and "colonial" that characterizes them. The result of this strong protest, born dall'insopportabilità for a government that gives freedom, does not guarantee work and not work out the necessary reforms to the country. Behind this dual government support and "revolutionary" of the U.S., could hide the willingness of Americans to take possession of the Egyptian territory, justifying their actions with the concern that Egypt becomes a dangerous outpost of Islam. In view of this vision but also in better conditions in the country would be good if Mubarak to resign and that the Egyptian people to go new elections for a democratic face. Recall that in these 30 years of Mubarak, there have been four elections residential well but always with one and only one candidate: Mubarak. The alternative to resignation, as we have seen and heard, will not happen is to give hope to the guerrillas ...

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An individual exists as part of a company, ie a group of people. a single individ is such only when related to the absence of a group that should be part of.
Each of us gives a fundamental contribution to a group, many individuals form a group, a family, a village, a city. The greater the number of components which must relate to one another, the greater the need for inside everyone has equal rights and expression, without harming others or the group itself. The size of the group, village or city is directly proportional to the need to have one or more reference figures that are set up as symbols and agents of the will of the freedom of everyone, without esisgenze respond to personal, superior or "divine" character . Fixed by all such laws are meeting these tomore be applied to all without distinction, perhaps with even more rigor about who is representing the whole.

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Kingvale, Ca Snowtubing

NO ... JUSTIFIED. glad to be back!

A distanza di qualche mese, con il ben volere del nuovo anno , sono ritornato sul mio spazio blog; sempre più critico e consapevole della realtà. In questi mesi sono successe tantissime cose, non solo a livello personale (tanto di questo a pochi importa) ma a livello GlObAlE. Giustifico la mia assenza, a quanti l'hanno notata, dicendo che ho preso questimesi per riflettere e tornare lucido.

Guys Being Raped By Guys Movie Post

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How To Hide Unsightly Pipes Pedestal Sink

video Punctum on the book presented to Umbria Books, 2010.

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Brazilian Historical Bonds


Marconi invented a ray that would stop the motor vehicles. Mussolini wanted him, the Vatican stopped him. From those researches other scientists formed the alternative to oil and nuclear power. In 1999 the invention was about to be put on the market, but then everything was covered up.

of Rino Di Stefano from
( Il Giornale, Tuesday July 6, 2010)
The clean energy as advocated by Obama after the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico probably has been around for a while, but someone keeps hidden shameful economic interests. But not only. In the seventies, in fact, a group of Italian scientists would have discovered the secret, but this new and amazing technology, that in fact the world economy would change forever the risks of storing oil and nuclear, was deliberately concealed in the safe a mysterious religious foundation based in Liechtenstein, where it still stands. It seems really the plot of a yellow international incredible story behind that, without no doubt, could be called the epoch-making discovery par excellence, namely the production of clean energy without any harmful radiation. In other words, the realization of a machine capable of dissolving the material, meaning by this definition, any type of physical substance, producing heat only and exclusively.


Mussolini disse al giornalista Ivanoe Fossati che Marconi aveva inventato un apparecchio che emetteva un raggio in grado di bloccare qualunque motore dotato di impianto elettrico. Mussolini voleva quel raggio per usarlo in guerra yellow Like any self-respecting, the intricate story that is behind the genesis of this discovery was disclosed almost by accident. He did a businessman from Genoa who a decade ago was found to have a business relationship with the foundation that manages and hides the secret of what, for simplicity, call the "death ray". And yes, because the story we are about to reveal what was really born from that, during the fascist period, was the myth par excellence: the secret weapon that would revolutionize the course of World War II. It seemed only a fantasy, but it was not. In those years it was said that even Guglielmo Marconi was working on the implementation of the "death ray". The thing was only partially true. As Mussolini said to the journalist Ivanoe was during one of his last interviews, Marconi invented a device that emitted an electromagnetic beam that can block any engine equipped with an electrical system. This range also short-circuit the plant itself, causing the fire. The scientist gave a demonstration, in the presence of Mussolini's fascism, Acilia on the road to Ostia, when they stopped cars and trucks passing by on the road. A Orbetello, however, succeeded in setting fire to two planes that were more than two miles away. However, he always says Mussolini, Marconi became taken by the religious scruples. He did not want to be remembered by posterity as one who had killed thousands of people, but only as the inventor of radio. So he confided with Pope Pius XI, who advised him to destroy the project of his invention. What do you hasten to do that Marconi, sending Mussolini and Fascist beast. Then, perhaps from too much stress that had accumulated in that dispute in 1937 was suddenly hit by a stroke and died just 63 years.
The end of the thirties, however, was a prolific scientific point of view. For some unfathomable twist of fate, it seems that the imagination and creativity of Italian origin was not only built the first nuclear bomb in the U.S. by Enrico Fermi and his colleagues via Panisperna, other scientists, continuing studies on the splitting atom, we find the way to "produce and release up to considerable distances anti-atoms of any element that exists on our planet, directed against a mass consists of atoms of the same nature but opposite in sign, the ionized disintegrate without causing any nuclear reaction, but also producing a huge amount of clean energy. "
To give a concrete example, ionizing a gram of iron develops a heat of 24 million kWh, more than 20 billion calories are able to evaporate 40 million gallons of water. To obtain an equal number of calories burned should be 15 thousand barrels of oil. It almost seems to read a science fiction story, but it is only the pure and simple reality. At least that documents held by entrepreneur Henry M. Genovese Remondini show.


Lo scienziato bolognese creò il «raggio della morte», ma decise di non continuare gli studi dopo un colloquio con Papa Pio XI. Non voleva essere ricordato per aver causato morte e distruzione. Si fermò ma il suo lavoro fu portato avanti da altri "It all started - Remondini says - in 1999 from the contact I had with Dr. Renato Leonardi, director of the International Peace Foundation and Growth, based in Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein. My task was to enter into contracts for the disposal of solid waste through the Central Termoeletriche Multipurpose Foundation International Peace and Growth. I have not said where those plants are located, but I do know that they exist. Otherwise they would not have made a contract with me. At that time, I worked with my colleague, Dr. Claudio Barbarisi. For each contract, our rate was 2 percent. However, a clause required by Foundation, 10 percent of this committee was to be earmarked for humanitarian aid. Considering that the disposal of this waste was done in an almost perfectly, ie with the ionization of matter without any production of slag, it really seemed the best way to get the desired result. However, suddenly, and without disclosing the reason, the Foundation made us know that their power would no longer operational. It was useless to ask for an explanation. Despite having a signed contract in his pocket, there was nothing to do. Simply closed contacts. "
Pio XI che, secondo il racconto di Mussolini, avrebbe convinto Marconi a distruggere la sua invenzione Remondini still do not know why the sudden turnaround. He tried to call the director Leonardi, which also lives in Lugano, but has never had an explanation for this strange behavior. Also unnecessary searches through the back door: the only thing that was able to know is that the Foundation was wound up. So it is conceivable that its secrets have now been transferred to another company of which, of course, you do not even know the name. This means that somewhere on earth today is someone who hides the secret of the world's most coveted: the production of clean energy at a cost close to zero.
Despite this unexpected aspect, in the hands of various documents Remondini were strictly reserved for the International Peace Foundation and growth, so the contractor at the end it was decided to make public what he knows about this mysterious institution. To understand the background to this discovery so amazing, scientifically unknown, must take a step back in time and try to reconstruct, step by step the history of the invention. report is to help the scientific and technical October 25, 1997 that the International Peace Foundation and Growth did have only to insiders. Each sheet, in fact, is clearly marked with the words "Play Prohibited". But the enormity of what is revealed in the written amply justifies non-compliance of privacy.
The "death ray", in fact, although it was theoretically designed in the thirties, he found his only scientific basis between 1958 and 1960. The conditional is a must because of the news we report on paper, but not confirmed by science. We do not know who the group was composed of scientists who gave birth in the experiment: the names are not listed. We know that there were several attempts to produce a machine that corresponded to the theoretical model designed, but only in 1973, came to have an instrument capable of "creating magnetic fields, gravitational and electric interacting, so hitting any material, ionization distance and predetermined amount. "


Durante un suo governo, all'inizio degli anni '70, fu stato dato il via libera alla sperimentazione del «raggio». Gli studi furono affidati a Ezio Clementel, il quale scoprì che l'apparecchio sprigionava una quantità enorme di energia It was then that the Italian government officially began to take an interest in these experiments. In fact, the then government Andreotti, before turning his hand to Mariano Rumor in July '73, appointed Professor Ezio Clementel, then chairman of the Committee for Nuclear Energy (CNEN), analyzing the effects and nature of these magnetic fields in the beam. Clementel, Trentino native of Fai and professor of nuclear physics at the Faculty of Science, University of Bologna, at that time was 55 years old and was one of the most renowned scientists national and international scene. His responsibility in that circumstance, it was great. He had to investigate whether this had really evil within the capacity to destroy the field ionized in an explosion of heat. Also because it did not take long to realize that if the experiment had succeeded, it could do without nuclear energy and energy inaugurate a new era not only for Italy but for the whole world. As just one example, this technology would allow the creation of new and powerful rocket engines that would have literally revolutionized the space race, allowing the construction of gigantic interplanetary spaceships.
Professor Clementel then ordered four tests of particular complexity. The first consisted of placing a sheet of Plexiglas at 20 meters from the beam, place a sheet of stainless steel two feet behind the plexiglass plate and ask you to drill through the steel plate without damaging the plexiglass. The second test was to repeat the first experiment, however, asking to drill the plexiglass plate without affecting the steel plate. The third review was even more difficult: it was necessary to impose a number of steel plates at 10, 20 and 40 meters from the beam, seeking to pierce the sheets from the last, that is located at 40 meters. In the fourth and final test was to place a heavy aluminum plate at 50 meters from the beam, asking it to be cut parallel to the long side.
Well, all four tests were successful and Professor Clementel, whereas the duration of radiation was less than 0.1 seconds, the power estimated, assuming the vaporization of the metal, to 40,000 KW and the density of power of 4,000 KW per square centimeter. In fact, it was explained to the trial completed, the impulse of the rays had lasted a nano second and could ionize at a distance "form and predetermined amount of any material."
Among other things, the experiment was also attended by Professor Piero Pasolini, renowned physicist and friend of another celebrity what is the scientific Professor Antonino Zichichi. In its report, Pasolini spoke of "magnetic fields, gravitational and electric interacting atoms of antimatter that develop projected and focused in certain areas of space far beyond the patterns of various materials, which, being out of focus appear perfectly transparent and totally free. "
In practice, but here we enter into a scientific explanation a bit 'more complex, the Italian scientists who made this machine would be able to apply theory to Einstein's unified field, namely to identify the profound and unique array of all fields of interaction, from the strong (nuclear) than that of gravity. Other physicists around the world had tried, but to no avail. The Italians, apparently, were unsuccessful. The cover-up

In a normal country (but we all know that we is not) such a discovery would have been immediately put to good use. It does not take much imagination to understand the industrial and economic implications that would bring. Even so, what might seem at first sight a weapon of incredible power, could turn into civil use of a central heat engine at very low cost, could produce an infinite amount of energy electricity.
Why, then, this finding has not been revealed and used? The reason is not explained. All we know is that the governments of the time imposed on the secret trial and that no one, at least officially, it was aware of. Moreover in 1979, Professor Clementel died prematurely and took to the grave the secret of his experiments. But a story is hidden behind Clementel rather strange and mysterious. It seems, in fact, that his ideas did not like the rulers of the time. It is not known exactly what was the matter of the litigation, but in light of the extraordinary discovery that had occurred, it is easy to imagine. Perhaps the scientist wanted to publish the news, while the politicians did not want to know. Who knows? Well, someone found a way to get out of the way the uncomfortable chair CNEN. In fact, it was found that the signature appeared on records Clementel examination at the University of Trento, which was then the rector, in a time when he was on duty elsewhere. It almost seemed a mistake, an oversight. But cost him jail time, his career and ultimately your health. The scientist got the message, and never said anything about that "death ray" that had cost him so dearly. A dedicated Clementel Energy Research Centre of ENEA in Bologna.
Is there anyway to say that already in the Eighty something came out about a hypothetical "death ray". The first to speak was the Judge Carlo Palermo who devoted hundreds of pages a mysterious device, saying that was the basis of an intricate arms trafficking. The story involved a former colonel Sifar and Sid, Massimo Pugliese, but also members of the U.S. government (then headed by Gerald Ford), parliamentarians Flaminio Piccoli (Dc) and Loris Fortuna (PSI) and a mysterious company with its headquarters in Liechtenstein, Traspraesa. The affair lasted from 1973 to 1979, when suddenly a curtain of silence fell on everything.
Il professore di Fisica testò l'apparecchio constatando la sua prestigiosa capacità di produrre energia. Non divulgò mai la notizia anche perché dopo i suoi esperimenti fu vittima di una ritorsione. E per molti questo non è un caso But they were difficult years. Italy sailed into chaos. The attacks the Red Brigades were the order of the day, civil society was suffocating in the commotion, the intelligence services of half the world operating on our territory as if it were their hunting grounds. On 16 March 1978, the Brigade went so far as to kidnap the President of the National Council of the Christian Democrats, Aldo Moro, killing five police escort in an unforgettable attack on Via Fani in Rome. And we all remember how it ended. Three years later, May 13, 1981, turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca in St. Peter's Square gunmen wounded John Paul II.
E 'in this context that the "death ray" disappeared from the scene. Moreover, even if the discovery had a real substance, who would be able to manage and control the effects of a financial and industrial revolution which in fact would change the world? It does not take much, in fact, to imagine those interests would be damaged if only it was that invention was made public. In practice, all multinational companies operating in the oil and nuclear energy would have to close down or transform from one day to their production. It would be really impossible to imagine a figure to quantify the economic disaster that the new discovery would bring Italian.
But these are only hypotheses. What we do is respect the decision taken by the authors of the discovery. In fact, after years of hardship and unnecessary attempts to officially recognize their own invention, probably fearing for their lives and the future of their instruments, the scientists delivered the fruits of their work at the International Peace Foundation and Growth, which was April 11, 1996 made on purpose, probably with the direct logistical support and finance of the Vatican, in Vaduz, well beyond the Italian borders. At that time the capital was only 30 thousand Swiss francs (about 20 thousand Euros). "It seems to us - we read in the explanatory memorandum to the Foundation's activities - it is better to build rather than destroy, no matter how difficult, although it takes much more courage and patience, imagination and much more sacrifice. "
Apart from the fact that there is no official record of this elusive Foundation, except the news (in German) 1 July 2002 was put into liquidation, it would seem that at the time the organization had been formed in the first place to prevent the invention of that scale was only used for military purposes. Moreover, even ballistic missiles (with what they cost) will become nothing when the armies would have a machine that, to destroy a strategic goal, would require only a weapon pointing system.
According to unconfirmed reports, the decision Italian scientists would be gained after a series of threats they had received in the sphere of capital. At one point, we speak well of an attack with a bomb, also in Rome. It is said that in order to avoid further unpleasant surprises, the scientists appealed directly to Pope John Paul II and the machine that produces the "death ray" was hidden for some time in the Vatican. Hence the decision to establish the foundation and to migrate all the protagonists of the story in the most tranquil Liechtenstein. In these circumstances, perhaps it was not a coincidence that March 30, 1979 at the Vatican, the Pope received the President's Council of the European Physical Society, recognizing for the first time in history of the Church, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) the discoverer of the Logic of Creation. However, from that moment on, the watchword was to maintain absolute silence.

future machines

Something, however, has changed over time. It is proved that the International Peace Foundation has grown not merely to protect Christians fleeing the scientists, but in the period between 1996 and 1999 would have proceeded to carry on his own several complex devices that exploit the principle of "radius death ". According to their documentation, in fact, has produced a series of machines line Zavbo ready to be used for multiple purposes. The list includes SRSU / TEP (disposal of municipal solid waste), SRLO / TEP (waste organic liquids), SRTP / TEP (toxic waste), SRRZ / TEP (radioactive waste disposal), RCC (compacting loose rock) , RCZ (destruction of dangerous rocks), RCG (digging tunnels in the rock), CLS (implementation of special alloys), CEN (clean energy production).
In the latter regard, the documentation provided by Remondini are also plans to build power plants to produce electricity at a very low cost, waste disposal. There's everything from size to the width of land needed, how to build the tower and ionization How many people must work (53 units) in the structure. An entire station can be done in 18 months and may dispose of up to 500 cubic meters of waste per day, producing electricity with two turbines Ansaldo. There is also an economic framework (in millions of U.S. dollars) to calculate the cost of construction. In 1999 it was envisaged that a plant like this would cost 100 million dollars. A peculiarity of these plants is that their appearance is completely misleading. In fact, always looking at their projects, we note that the outside world are just like a pair of low office buildings, surrounded by a large garden with trees and flowers. The Tower of ionization, which is the thermal process, it is completely buried to a depth of 15 meters. In practice, a well of reinforced concrete often completely hidden from view. In other words, these plants could be anywhere and nobody would know anything.
Note that, according to research carried out by the International Company Profile of London, a company of Wilmington Group Pic, the world leader in the credit information listed on the London Stock Exchange, the International Peace Foundation and Growth, from the day of his registered in Vaduz, has never made any type of financial transaction in Liechtenstein, or know any details of its financial balance sheet or, as the law of that country does not provide that foundations publicly present their budgets or the names of their founders. You know the address of the registered office, but he does not know what was the operative site and the type of activities that the Foundation has played outside the borders of Liechtenstein. Obviously absolute mystery about what happened after 1 July 2002 when, for whatever reason, but everything suggests that safety has not been alien to the decision, the Foundation has officially closed its doors.
Even more astonishing is the list of customers, or assumed, provided Remondini. In all 24 names, among which the major European steel groups, the administrations of two Italian regions and even two governments: one European and one African. Note that, in a letter sent by the Foundation Remondini, to continue speaking with contacts abroad, but not on the national territory "because of problems in Italy." But what "problems" you speak? And most importantly, how is it that a discovery of this type is used almost under the table to make egregious things (think only the production of electricity and disposal of radioactive waste), while not officially he knows nothing about anything?
Questioned on the future of discovery Remondini, Professor Nereo Bolognani, the eminence grise of the International Peace Foundation and Growth, said it "will made known when God wills. " It will be pure, but usually not so easy to know in advance the decisions of the Almighty. Even with the holy and illustrious mediation by the Vatican.
As a professional journalist who has dealt with this incredible story, I feel compelled to publish some documents that the reader can prove the reliability of the information that I have outlined. This is the technical report that have come into possession. A report is very clear, that in no way demonstrates the reality of what the International Peace Foundation and Growth argues in its documentation, but only the existence of content mentioned in the article. It 'clear, in fact, that the real substance of the facts should be verified by physical and certainly not by a journalist whose responsibility is to inform in the most serious and professional as possible.
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"They said that the secret was not to fall into the hands of the military"

Remondini Henry is not a man of many words. His experience with the International Peace Foundation and Growth, eleven years later, has become a thing of the implications of memory. Several months of work, also lived with some enthusiasm, then the contacts are closed, leaving him, as well as some concern for the way in which they were interrupted, even a hint of bitterness. He shared, he admits, the humanitarian purposes of the Foundation, so do not understand, and still does not understand the reason why the operation was not completed. Above all, however, he remained in a strong curiosity: what was true in what they said?
Mr Remondini, how and when he came in contact with the International Peace Foundation and Growth?
"nof was in early 1999, I think, and in an entirely fortuitous. I was in Lugano for work and a friend told me about it. It was not a result of news, so I was intrigued. Later my friend made me see the manager of the Foundation, Dr. Renato Leonardi, and he asked if I could work with them. "
They were then to look for them ...
"No, it was I that I made the request. At first I thought I could work in public relations, but I soon realized that they were not interested in that area. Leonardi, instead, asked me to do some translations and, in this respect, gave me several documents. The same now that it no longer exists, the Foundation, I decided to make them public. "
His collaboration stopped the translations?
"No, then I decided to create a more entrepreneurial. So I was introduced to Professor Nereo Bolognani, president of the Foundation. We met in Milan, in the lobby of a hotel near the train station. It was he who explained that the central multi-purpose of the Foundation were able to dispose of in an optimal way a certain kind of waste. Especially metallic type. So, along with a friend of mine, I did give a mandate by the Foundation to provide this type of waste. It was a very short time, because we managed to get in touch with one of the names that had been provided. It was a big Italian mill that had problems for the disposal of scrap. We did give a sample and passed it to Bolognani why he did review and tell us whether the deal could be started. But something happened before the outcome of this analysis have .... "
"The Bolognani wife died of a bad and evil for some time we could not get in touch with him. We thought that after a certain period, would be resumed and would continue the normal course of business. But things did not go well. E 'likely, almost certain, that at the same time that mourning was also some other internal change to the Foundation. However, although we had signed a warrant in his pocket, no longer able to make contact with them. All I know is that Bolognani, after the death of his wife, had moved from Rome, where he lived. But I do not know where. I also tried to call Leonardi, Lugano, but it was useless. Once I could even talk to him, but he was very evasive and would not tell me anything. Later I learned that the Foundation had been placed in liquidation. "
Yet she had worked for them, has also had costs. They never reimbursed them to him?
"No, and I never asked them to him. Again, we have only one contact, so it was not much. It did not seem that it was worth it. By the way, I always had a good relationship with them and did not want to ruin it for so little. " However
against him have not shown very clearly. Have you ever tried to get to say something more about their activities? After all, seeing who contacted industries and government agencies, we can not say that their secret was not disclosed ...
"Yes, I once had a conversation like this with Bolognani. I must say that was a very proper and very religious. He explained that the purpose of the Foundation was to ensure that a scientific discovery as they ran that fall into the hands of the military, becoming a cause of death. Then he added that one day, when God willing, this secret will be made public. "
And enough?
"No, but I understand the end. And in many ways I agree. "
Confucius, a famous Chinese philosopher, said that before you write should sit down, collect my thoughts, thinking about it and then think about how to express their thoughts. Then, finally, you can begin to put on paper what we want to communicate in writing. This applies both to the professionals of the pen, like myself, but for anyone else. But many, unfortunately, do not follow the wise advice of Confucius. Instead, he put in front of a sheet of paper (or video) and pull down anything close to their head. As some readers are a good example of the "Journal" that these days, after reading my article on energy, stormed the website of the newspaper, cried foul over what they had read. Since what I wrote is not what they knew, simply could not be true. Obviously not everyone has been so reckless, many others were curious and asked for clarification. But it is the first that I now turn to. The most frequent accusations were "nonsense, bullshit, you can not write things like this are all says," and so on. None of these people have wondered, however, because a leading national newspaper as the newspaper has published an article of this kind. The truth is that everything has been said article in question is a large original documentation of the "mysterious" International Peace Foundation and Growth of Vaduz, Liechtenstein. To be precise, from 30 original documents (technical and scientific reports, business plans, illustrative reports, plans), for a total of 86 pages. No "is" or alleged allegations, but only the faithful transcription of what is written in those documents. However, this does not mean that I, as a journalist or the newspaper itself, we have agreed and endorsed the news. Return of the facts in no way means take ownership. We reporters and, as such, we bring to the attention of readers the news that we think the most interesting and curious. But we just bring them back, not to invent and make them our own. And the case of the Foundation, as anyone can see, it's really strange and unusual. Especially since the Foundation is not the birth of a sick fantasy, but reality.
I have to apologize instead for a couple of typographical errors contained in the piece. And I mean instead of Pius XI Pius XII and the three words that popped next to the name of Moro, the phrase was just "the President of the National Council of the Christian Democrats, Aldo Moro." For the rest, everything was as it should be.
course, after having published this piece, it was only right to hear the other side, that of science. At this respect, I tell you that I have personally done to bring the scientific evidence concerning the International Peace Foundation and Growth, to ' National Institute of Nuclear Physics for examination and expresses an opinion. When I get the result, my concern will make it public.
With this I hope to have dispelled any doubt about my personal and the seriousness of the "Journal" that hosted the article. "Newspaper", by the way, where I spent 26 years of my professional life and with whom I continue to be bound by a contract of exclusive cooperation. If
then there will be someone who, despite everything, will continue to write nonsense to me, come in as well. As the ancient Greeks used to say, against stupidity even the gods can nothing. Imagine journalists, including those who strive to always be serious and correct.

Mv42v1.3 Support Case


"So Italy is working to the ray that creates energy from nothing"

Some documents prove the experiments conducted by scientist Clementel in the 70's. But now no one can see the product of those studies
of Rino Di Stefano -
(Il Giornale, Sunday, September 26 2010)
in the winter of 1976 the Italian government authorized the Professor Ezio Clementel, President of CNEN (National Committee for Nuclear Energy), to carry out a series of experiments to test the effectiveness of a mysterious machine that emits a beam ray can annihilate the subject, producing large amounts of energy. Giulio Andreotti had just formed his third government, which was sustained by a single color Dc abstention of the PCI, PSI, PSDI, PRI and PLI, after the elections on June 20 to 21 who had seen the victory of the DC and PCI.
The letter to Professor Clementel sent its report on the tests to be performed, is dated November 26, 1976 and addressed lawyer Loris Fortuna, President of the Committee on Industry, the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament Square at 4 in Rome. Fortuna was the Socialist deputy from the President of the Council to follow the work of Clementel.
The report consists of five sides. In the second, the one that follows the letter, there is a list of five tests required by the Protocol, with its details. In essence, it was to pierce the beam emitted from the machine, stainless steel and aluminum plates placed at different distances from the lens of the machine. In three pages later, the beam power is calculated. In another document have two sides, Professor Clementel writes in his own hand, by signing below, his conclusions concerning the evaluation of tests, energy and beam power, the nature of the beam.
writes Professor Clementel: "The beam energy used is estimated at between 150,000 and 4 million joules (the joule is the unit of measurement for the editor's note), the numbers given correspond to the energy required to melt respectively vaporize 144 grams of stainless steel. A more detailed assessment may be possible at the end of the current metallurgical analysis for a sample of stainless steel. Since, as is clear from the evidence, the beam is almost certainly impulsive type, with pulse duration of less than 0.1 seconds, one would need a precise knowledge of this period in order to determine the power of the beam. You can still give an estimate of the lower limit of the power play, taking a pulse duration of 0.1 seconds. With this value, this beam has a total power of 1500 kW / cm in the case of molten metal in the case of vaporization of the metal beam would increase the total power of 40,000 kW and the power density of 4000 kW / cm.
Above, the presentation page and then the most important page of the document that the President of the Committee for Nuclear Energy, Ezio Clementel (in the picture below), sent to the Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti, for particulars of evidence that had been made on a machine that produces power from a mysterious ray. Below the double page of the Journal of 6 July last year when we looked for the first time the ray energy that gives free . Our article of that day created a lot of noise, especially on the Internet. With the developments of this episode we tell a story that has many dark sides, and also why it is very fascinating.
And then concludes: "Regarding the nature of the beam, the simple tests do not allow a sufficiently precise answer, although there is some indication that would exclude some of the common sources, such as plasma jet, particle beams accelerated charge, neutron beams, and so on. In any event, even if not yet disabled the laser beam, energy and above all the powers involved, it would place beyond the limits of current technology. You can, however, rule out the possibility of anti-particle beams or anti-atoms ".
Professor Clementel did take pictures of those tests on the mysterious machine and movies together the report, have come down to us intact. In the scenes in black and white can be seen distinctly the machine and the stainless steel plate which is directed towards the beam. A moment and a great glow envelops the steel when the flames are less frequent, it is the big hole on the plate
The discovery of these records 34 years away, try two things. The first is that in 1976 the machine which produces energy with a beam of rays, exist. The second is that those experiments authorized by the Government, give an initial level of confidence to the file of the International Peace Foundation and Growth of Vaduz, Liechtenstein, the organization that he declared himself the owner of the fantastic technology. But is this true? The Foundation was actually the person who has this machine? Not really.
To learn more, we have sought the answer to Civitella d'Agliano, a picturesque medieval village in the hills of Lazio and Umbria, in the province of Viterbo, where the house engineer Aristide Saleppichi, one of the first technical deal with the construction and development of the mysterious car. Saleppichi, former director of the Montedison factory in Terni, has two degrees: one in mechanical engineering and physics. But not only. The engineer, who is now 91 years and maintains an enviable and lucid mind, is part of the group that runs the forty years machine. According to him, the fact that right now there was talk of the mysterious machinery, is not accidental. "You see, I have a concept a little 'theology of events - he explains - the natural walking. At one point, the Lord tells us when we discover a few things. It 's like if someone gave us to eat a little at a time. This, then, might be the right time to broach the subject. "
And it is to provide clarification on the matter, the engineer held a meeting at his house between the staff of this group and the reporter speaking to you. "That technology only belongs to us. And, to be more precise, Rolando Pelizza, the one who physically built the machine in Chiari, near Brescia. - Peter begins Panetta, a former businessman and spokesman for Pelizza Rome - The International Peace Foundation and Growth, who boasted of having this technology, was founded by our friend, Professor Nereo Bolognani. We have warned repeatedly that without our consent, could not continue on that road. In the end, we have threatened legal action and then he, in 2002, the Foundation has put into liquidation. "
solved the mystery of the Foundation is to clarify who are those who now are attributed to the ownership of the technology in question. Of course, the name of Rolando Pelizza is no stranger to news. In fact it was he who end up in the dock, along with former colonel of Sid Massimo Pugliese, the process of Venice wanted by Judge Carlo Palermo for international arms trafficking. Pelizza was immediately acquitted, Pugliese he gets 2 years and 8 months. Appealed and was himself acquitted because "the offense is not." Also for the record, Colonel Pugliese spent the rest of his life by instituting court proceedings against Palermo, the then Prime Minister De Mita Colombo and former ministers (Finance) and Zanone (Defence) requiring 9 billion pounds in compensation. Unheeded in Italy, he turned to the even Strasbourg Court. That said, let's see now who I am and what's pretend friends Pelizza.
all began over 50 years ago
Mr. Panetta, when and how did the invention of this machine.
"The origin of the project dates back to 1958, but only in 1972 was the first event on the subject. In fact, the beam was directed towards the material to be treated: invested in a split second the object underwent a process of annihilation, generating heat. "
The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, we consulted said that in light of our present scientific knowledge, a similar car is not in heaven or on earth, even if in principle it would not be impossible. What do you say?
"This is what they know. But the reality is different. It is shown by tests made by the late Professor Clementel, with the collaboration of Pelizza. In fact, a great theoretical physicist, as if by divine inspiration, intuition has the means to interact with matter. And it is entirely devoted to the drafting of the project. "
Who is speaking?
"Certainly not Pelizza, which only has this helped to build the physical machine. She called him "the professor." He learned from him how to manage it, attending to over fifteen years. Alone would never have had neither the training nor the ability to go that far. "
Say who it is, then.
"I'm sorry, but I can not give names. I'm not allowed to do so. All I can say is that it took about ten years, and brings us to 1981, in order to control the beam. "
Okay, so we can show this marvelous machine: it can make us watch it a try?
"No, sorry. Nobody can see it. Only at the time, when we have defined certain that we have ongoing negotiations in the world, we can show it. And on that occasion Pelizza will also speak. But not before. " But the group related to Pelizza, which is to create a foundation, is really the only one who knows the secrets of the mysterious technology? Apparently, not really. For years, in fact, someone else is an interest in this problem. But as we have formed this second line of research? "By accident - is answered by the electrical engineer Milan Franco Cappiello -. It was the late nineties I met Colonel Pugliese, then at the height of his campaign against judges and judicial policy. One day, perhaps feeling near the end, I told the whole story of the car and gave me the documents in his possession.
There were drawings and construction plans, he had kept everything. He also gave me some useful information on how to build a prototype. It was just in time, for he died in 1998. So, from that moment on I devoted myself heart and soul to the machine and, after studying the phenomenon well, I can say that the scientific basis of this discovery is not really missing. In my opinion, it is a generator of energy to transport positrons (positrons are antiparticles of electrons, positively charged with Ed.) The energy that provides heat and is completely devoid of radioactivity. " Cappiello, however, realizes that a scientific discovery, to be judged as such, must be studied and examined by real scientists. "It is for this reason - he says - that I asked the help of a team of researchers at the University of Pavia. These scientists, led by an authority like Professor Sergio P. Ratti, will study all aspects of this machine. I would like however to clarify that I recently established a fruitful collaboration with Rolando Pelizza.
are asking scientists
hard to imagine a more eminent scientist Professor of rats to study the functionality of the machine. Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Pavia, now retired, Sergio P. Ratti is one of the Italian scientists world's best known and one of the highest authorities in terms of positrons.
Professor Ratti, how he came to the decision to conduct research on the machine that gives you energy?
"Confucius said that science is science when they know what we know separate from what we think we know. In this case, the question arises whether this machine is able or not to free positrons from the vacuum. So we'll do all the necessary evidence, taking the necessary precautions to see if this can really happen. In appropriate conditions, the experiment must be repeatable. Otherwise you do not talk about science. "
What do you mean when you talk about tricks?
"I refer to the 626 law on occupational safety. If you got the annihilation of 500 grams of iron, where would the waste? In the lungs of these? It 'so exhaustive, so for example, that the room in which experiments are carried out either with a special ventilation system with air filters. It will also be present all other active and passive safety devices. "
You already have the right location?
"I sent a request to that effect to the rector of the University of Pavia. I look an answer. "
From a scientific point of view, this discovery could change physics as we know it today. In your opinion, could be accepted as a novelty of this kind?
"He has in mind what happened to Galileo when he spoke of his conclusions on the motion of the earth around the sun ? The problem is that, before we talk about scientific discovery, you must have all the appropriate tests. What I can say is that I have consulted several of my colleagues around the world, and I got interesting answers. One very very important that we work at Harvard University, has confirmed to me that, in principle, it could be. In short, we must study the phenomenon in the most serious and fair as possible. The claim, we will see in due course. "

Can You Give A Dog A Lonapin


few days ago, I was questioned for a survey of DOXA general opinion of the Europeans.
In summary, the key questions;
-What do you think of globalization and position it in Italian and activities Government
-Dell 'NATO operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan
-Preferences on the work of Putin or Obama
-rating on the NATO presence in Italy and Europe
- about how much they attracted the attention opinion Public revelations of Wikileaks and
ads Iraqi terrorist and nuclear threats.
- For or against the Italian military support to the actions of the NATO peace
- Level of concern about the presence of Islamists in Italy, their integration and risk
of acts of terrorism-related to their presence.

Each of these, it contained a sub on the position of Italy in the context.
The survey, concluded button, the temperature of the Europeans on the economic crisis:
-Think this is a real crisis or
-driven that it is stable or will become more difficult
-in your opinion, is attributable to banks, to China or globalization.

Now you may wonder why all this set before you, simply because my impression was that something new is moving, I could not say whether positive or negative, but some rumors leaked by the interviewer, it appears that the 'review of Europeans are opposed to NATO and military action, fearing a return of Russian communism, and that Wikileaks is the case Irack are a red herring.
Has anyone attended? What are your feelings?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

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DISCOVERED THE REAL PROBLEM OF ITALY: The active neurons are low

published by Andrea Ardidicore on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 21:51

........... but fortunately also new ACTIVATED IT! (I might add)

Maybe someone has believed any woman believed that her role would be to sculettare to poke someone, and would also have the duty to refer boobs and lips, to get a wider audience, perhaps someone else has Reduto that Italy's problems can be summarized in the following questions prompted by the mass media:
- if Berlusconi is a pedophile;
- if Franceschini, Fini Casini or one of the other puppets (he also rhyme) will point out enough of the depravity of the head of government;
- if the bishops have the courage to make moral Berlusconi
- Veronica if she really loved her husband;
- if there are other photos of the feasts of the mafia-brothel Milanese;
- if the international press have it with Berlusconi;
- if our good guys manage to bring "democracy" in Afghanistan, a country of ingrates who turn against their benefactors;
- even if Obama flirterà with the Arabs, promising peace, but by the industry prosper armaments.

Perhaps many of us have believed it would appear that ordinary people are increasingly unable to understand the intrigues of power. The fact is that Italy, Art and Culture from the country, has now become the country's ignorance and stoned. E we understand that it is not of opinions, according to statistics.
It speaks of two types of illiteracy. There is illiteracy (or semi-illiteracy) that refers to the inability to properly use the writing and mathematics in everyday life, the illiterate and there is absolute, that he who can not read and does not know write, having never having learned or forgotten altogether.
If the illiterate or semi-illiterate add those who do not read even one book a year we reach a figure of 60% according to Istat. Only 20% of Italian families read books regularly, as much as 80% of Italians, according to World Bank data, it reports exclusively on television.
It 's a given to say the least worrisome. Sure does not claim that all individuals are able to write a book or do an exegesis of an ancient text, but it comes to having the ability to get an idea of \u200b\u200bproducing a written text or their own self-critical thinking .
The cultural decline of the Italians would have started several decades ago, reinforced by commercial TV, which proposes to spend hours watching game shows idiotic, half-naked women or people arguing or spoke a language not quite erudite.
to our authorities interested in all this? Is there anyone which offers something to whet people's cognitive abilities?
No, they are added to the disinterest of other attempts stoned media, especially the Tv Ignorance is supplied from the system and not fought.

Why is ignorance that builds upon the acquiescence to his master. E 'ignorance that accepts the compromise on their rights. E 'ignorance that there is solace in the rolls for not thinking about problems.

E 'ignorance that accepts prevail over the smart. E 'ignorance that we accept the recommendation of the abuse. What does it mean today the word "culture" in Italy? In the era of Big Brother and the general?
now seems that everything is opinion, even the dead are in Iraq for some review-
The concept of "culture" is very difficult to explain or clarify.
It 's true that sometimes the cultural level of a person can not be measured on the basis of the degree or the number of books read. The "culture" is not only read books, culture is to grow, think, experience, change. But it is also true that not read and does not make any cultural activity, spending hours watching TV, may atrophy or cognitive artistic potential.
The main function of the culture itself would be to enrich the person inside, causing it to become able to freely express his personal "feel" through words, pictures or other. In other words, talk about culture is to speak of human potential that preside over the change, growth and progress as individuals and civil society.
This is a key area to protect the freedom of individuals. In fact, no independence of thought and without the possibility inner growth humans could be distinguished from other animals, which have no potential abstract or "formal" and thus remain bound to the instincts and the demands of material life.
Ignorance can be understood as an inability to "cultivate" themselves, "nurturing" their brain and their sensitivity to positive stimuli, which may be good books, works of art or social experiences constructive.
Ignorance produces tangible effects, and perhaps it will be hard to find.
Quanta ignorance does it take to believe that a character enriched through intrigues of various kinds may have to care about the development of the country?
Quanta ignorance to believe that there must be one that for many years has produced programs for garbage rimbecillire then people respect public opinion?
Quanta ignorance to believe that there must be authority are on the side of those who kill civilians are able to act for the collective good?
Quanta ignorance is to believe that people like Facci, Bondi or Belpietro not be at the service of lies and corruption?
Ignorance means lack of free thought, is to become puppets of those who are able to think and act. It means accepting that from the outside, relying on emotions, someone will create our own opinion on things, on people and events.
accepts the ignorant arrogance of the powerful, convinced that the world should be divided into upper and lower. A criminal's may seem a King
Who is ignorant can not be a citizen, but only subject. This subject will find his sovereign without living in a monarchy. His King is one who rises to power, who draws his power from his ignorance. And this King, the ignorant will become a courtier, accepting every infamy that he may commit. Convinced of worthlessness, will nell'accondiscendenza to power its value.


The money you give, the ignorant are blessed in the court roll, including servants, jesters, clowns and concubines.
Already in 1840, the philosopher Alexis De Tocqueville wrote:

"When the taste for material wealth grows faster than the habit of freedom and civilization, there comes a time when men are swept and almost lose their heads at the sight of goods that are going to win. concerned only with making a fortune, they fail to capture the close relationship between the welfare of everyone to prosperity for all. In such cases, you will not even need to rip them the rights they enjoy: they will be willing to deprive themselves ... If a person able and ambitious manages to seize power in such a critical moment, will find the way open to any abuse. Just who cares for a while 'to cure the material interests and no one will call him to answer the rest. Guaranteeing that the first order ! A nation that his government seeks the only law enforcement is already a slave at heart, a slave of his wealth and can occur at any moment the man destined to enslave . When the great mass of citizens wish to address only the most private affairs of its Smaller parties can seize power. It is not uncommon then to see the vast multitudes of the world scene represented by a few men who speak in the name of an absent or inattentive crowd, which act in the midst of the universal property has a whim of everything: changing laws and bullied at their convenience on costumes, so that you can not help but be amazed to see that in weak and worthless hands a great people may fall. "
The ignorant would say that certainly would never have voted Hitler in Germany in 1932, but people who vote endorse bloody wars, reminding the Libyan lager innocent people are dying and that hundreds of immigrants drowned.
The problem is that the head does not remain ignorant usually empty, as you might think. No. will be filled with "mental junk", or content that will make the person subject to emotional manipulation to make their own ideas and much convoluted, who foment racism, sexism, uncritical submission to authority and inclination to waste their lives engaged in low-quality programs look like garbage.

Not being able to create their own personal reality, using his head, remains at the mercy of all the filth regime.

writer and therapist Brad Blanton uses the term "mental junk" to indicate a series of falsehoods that encloses the true mind. According to this scholar, the people may be forced to no longer evaluate their own experience, giving space to abstract content related to past experience or what is conventionally held to be true in reality. The interpretations of reality can become junk if dictated by content or unverified propaganda. Get out of the trash / mental prison is not easy. Blandon Notes:

"Some of us can Lying to get out of prison built by our mind. Most of us in that prison, it dies. We all have the wonderful opportunity to go beyond the barriers of our mind, and do it again and again. The first step in this process is to cast doubt on our minds ... Unfortunately, our mind is not equipped for the periodic removal of excrement as the body. To this we must provide us with a voluntary effort. "
The media (especially television and cinema) stimulate in different ways the violent and sexual instincts. Assist in production of poor quality continuously, based on violence or pregnant may mean forfeiture of advertisements a lot of mental junk.
advertising is a source of substantial production of mental garbage, it is designed to flatten the existence, through "forms of mental pollution that degrade our minds. More easily recognize the logo of a brand that a species of flowers, slogans that we hear more poetry. "
The advertising message is also meant to induce to act in a manner favorable to the consumer and the current economic system. The advertisement shows a false reality and leads us to believe it true, creates false needs and false meanings.
The mind absorbs the lie as part of reality, and time may be put to rest any self-critical and reflective.
According to the lecturer Giuseppe Mininni the mass media have certain characteristics that produce dependence and carrying a heavy power over individuals. For example, the media trivialize and simplify everything, but in order to understand the reality, but to give a sense of simplicity and intelligibility that gives the impression of being informed. In fact, as many know, there is a triumph of disinformation. The more one is inclined to use his head more and you are able to expose the misinformation and to understand what could be the content that you try to hide.
Another way to introduce garbage in our minds is through creation of fear and insecurity. These states produce emotional stress, and therefore suck energy that individuals could use to actually create more constructive.
The current system also provides strong aspects of ambiguity, which can produce anxiety inducing to be more rigid in the roles we assume that existential. You might have to consider some aspects of reality as if they were immutable, but rather should use their experience to reject, revise or analyze without giving anything for granted. Obviously, it's easier to accept what the system propina as true that personally reviews and evaluations. Who knows that now dominates escape liability individuals gives them the illusion of freedom. But without the assumption of personal responsibility could not be no freedom.
Not to take responsibility, many people enter the realm of fiction or unreality, assuming as true objectionable content, without realizing that this is against their interest and their growth. The rubbish prevents the existence of mind may be expressed as, and in its essential truth to emerge, giving more creative energy.

If the individual continues in the altered representation of reality, can supply a safety fanatic about the contents that he forfeited his mind, becoming emotionally reactive to everything that refute them.
This is because the place where it settles the trust is not the true self of the individual, but the ego in its superficial aspects.
to clean the garbage from the mind must turn a "process of demystification, or dismantle the false reality that come from shared culture created by the system. Illusions conferred by these pseudo-reality can become like a drug, giving a false sense safety and security, and allowing us to deflect responsibility. Blandon explains: "The alternative, freedom is often too terrible because then the mind can tolerate. This is why we hide from freedom under a pile of lies. "

who do not cultivate one's mind can not even have the idea of \u200b\u200bhaving to "dismantle the false reality" and will find easier to accept the "heap of lies."
Ours is a country defined modern and democratic. But the question is:
you can create a true democracy without the ability to think for themselves and understand what really happens around us?
Many scholars, for some time, they point out that ignorance is the optimal condition to thrive falsely democratic systems. To take a subject people just keep it in ignorance, because there is no freedom without knowledge and awareness of reality.
Those who ignore what is happening in the most important part of the reality of the "mass" that the demagogues are intended to be applauded, admired and voted. When ignorance is extreme even take over a certain level of liability, which will swallow all the rubbish of the authorities, perhaps thinking about insignificant details, highlighted, not surprisingly, the mass media.
History of Italy, you know, includes great artists, great heroes and geniuses of Science. But today? We are a nation of stoned, stupid, courtiers, clowns and showgirls?
is up to us to decide, choosing to be like the system we want, or get used to doing things that make us better, more aware of the techniques used by those who want us ignorant and stoned.