Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can You Give A Dog A Lonapin


few days ago, I was questioned for a survey of DOXA general opinion of the Europeans.
In summary, the key questions;
-What do you think of globalization and position it in Italian and activities Government
-Dell 'NATO operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan
-Preferences on the work of Putin or Obama
-rating on the NATO presence in Italy and Europe
- about how much they attracted the attention opinion Public revelations of Wikileaks and
ads Iraqi terrorist and nuclear threats.
- For or against the Italian military support to the actions of the NATO peace
- Level of concern about the presence of Islamists in Italy, their integration and risk
of acts of terrorism-related to their presence.

Each of these, it contained a sub on the position of Italy in the context.
The survey, concluded button, the temperature of the Europeans on the economic crisis:
-Think this is a real crisis or
-driven that it is stable or will become more difficult
-in your opinion, is attributable to banks, to China or globalization.

Now you may wonder why all this set before you, simply because my impression was that something new is moving, I could not say whether positive or negative, but some rumors leaked by the interviewer, it appears that the 'review of Europeans are opposed to NATO and military action, fearing a return of Russian communism, and that Wikileaks is the case Irack are a red herring.
Has anyone attended? What are your feelings?


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