Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kates Playground Bottomless

Guerrilla-a society of Egypt

The revolt seems planned with the USA!
this indiscretion of WikiLeaks is not surprising that much, right? The U.S., although in recent years have changed the hair from white to black, seem to maintain at least part of the expansionist policy and "colonial" that characterizes them. The result of this strong protest, born dall'insopportabilità for a government that gives freedom, does not guarantee work and not work out the necessary reforms to the country. Behind this dual government support and "revolutionary" of the U.S., could hide the willingness of Americans to take possession of the Egyptian territory, justifying their actions with the concern that Egypt becomes a dangerous outpost of Islam. In view of this vision but also in better conditions in the country would be good if Mubarak to resign and that the Egyptian people to go new elections for a democratic face. Recall that in these 30 years of Mubarak, there have been four elections residential well but always with one and only one candidate: Mubarak. The alternative to resignation, as we have seen and heard, will not happen is to give hope to the guerrillas ...


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