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How To Remove A Radio From A Hyundai Coupe

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Is Keri Hilsons Hair A Weave

re Operation (opening) Udu

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How Do I Sand My Cricket Bat

a year on 10 February

Iinfinitamente sweet ..
infinitely awful ...
infinitely her ...
infinitely ours!

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Franklin Mint Vase Butterflies

Gaddafi go home!


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Wife Makes Husband Wear Plastic Pants

Always Sophie Calle! Try it

So ends a romance
the letter is a work of art

<B>Così finisce una storia d'amore<br>la lettera diventa un'opera d'arte</B>
The outline of one of the letters
prepared by Sophie Calle
of Conca de GREGORIO
The letter is any letter of farewell, if you can say any of leave. Short, one page. Turn on the computer one day and she is there. Is the whole front of you on the first sheet of the screen. Press the cursor to go down, I try again but not necessary: \u200b\u200bit's over. He is polite, formally flawless, seemingly distressed. It read, also. A man who knows how to use the breaks and newlines. Can touch the strings of another's guilt just brushing, appreciates a little to himself as a congenital defect, a little bad not responsible. A writer, maybe. Surely someone who works with words. The repertoire is classic, it seems an anthology. "I would have preferred speak up, then I write. "" I believed that I could give you good "" that your love was good for me. "" I've never lied and did not begin to do that today. "" You told me that when we ceased to love each other we would not have been able to see more: a rule that seems painful and unjust. However: I can not become a friend for you. "Some of the specifications of this story, then the inevitable" I loved you in my way and I will continue to do so, I will continue to take you with me. "Closure, finally." I would have preferred things would go differently. "The last four words." Take care of yourself. "

"Take care of yourself, Prenez soin de vous, Cuidate mucho." Here is sull'incongruenza emotional phrase that has the appearance of a hurry - you can not refuse an invitation like that, but can not be accepted if attached to the pain of farewell - Sophie Calle who builds his work of art . His book has a pink cover, glossy paper like a candy. If it were translated into Italian (not, for some reason is not translated in our language, none of his books, the rest of the world objects of worship) is entitled "Take care of yourself." Seduce blizzard outside and inside. Laugh and cry, get sick and heals. You can not leave without having passed through to the end. There are all the questions, all answers: there is tremendous irony in particular, a melancholy wise irony tinged with sadness, the medicine of all evil.

Calle is an artist of the most popular of our time. An icon of modernity, a Louise Bourgeois in the new century. The Pompidou Center has dedicated a retrospective to his fifty. France gave the pavilion of the Venice Biennale it: she has dedicated a love to tell how it ends. He projected the video ( see the special interactive ) of many of the 107 women who read Email the farewell of her lover, famous and unknown, Jeanne Moreau, and a middle school student, Luciana Littizzetto and a fortune teller, Victoria Abril and a star of the Opera. A lawyer, a psychologist, Laurie Anderson, a writer of crossword puzzles, a champion rifle shooting, a commentator of the Talmud, Maria de Medeiros, the daughter of "secret" of Mitterrand, a chess player. Each was asked what it means to take care of you, how do you have, how to face and how frightening than the emptiness of absence? Each responded in its own way: with a report, with a song with a game. The exhibition, in Venice - "Take care of yourself" - is visited by thousands of people, is still there until the end of November. The tam tam underground (visitors, of visitors) has made it a place of pilgrimage. Here came the book, now hard to find. More than that of 1981, the Hotel: Calle you gave it to Venice as a waitress in a hotel, the rooms photographed just left by customers, their unmade beds abandoned objects. Over The adress book, 1983: an agenda found in the street, he called all the numbers who responded by asking to speak to the owner, published daily on "Liberation" the notes of the interviews, finally, a volume with a collective portrait of a man ever seen. Even more than "double game" co-written with Paul Auster: He is inspired by her for Mary's character in the novel Leviathan, she identifies herself in Mary and plays the role.

Let us love, though. Literally. The book and the way that you cross to take care of themselves. In principle, the reason that the text close examination of the intellect, the cool tools of reasoning. The e-mail address is being translated into Morse code, in hexadecimal language, in braille, shorthand and barcode. In phonetic transcription, in sms. Then the analysis of the text as if it were a singing of the Divine Comedy. " Typography, paratext, generally stated, vocabulary, grammar and logical analysis. Length (with histograms in blue) the twenty-two sentences. Evidence of verbal forms: those gerunds, how many imperatives, how conditional. Frequency of the subject: three times I do. Literary references. The Brothers Karamazov, Resurrection, The Republic of Plato. To "take care of yourself" certainly Emma by Jane Austen.

Now that was sectioned as a body on the table of pathological We'll just go on living this letter. Steps also examine the other: the other women. In the hands of a cartoonist becomes a comic strip, the agency journalist makes a launch, a court ruling. The sexologist responds with a recipe on hospital letterhead: "No, I can not prescribe antidepressants. She's just sad. A painful event hurts but the solution can not be chemical. The analyst focuses on the "murderous brutality of the emptiness of the final sentence" means a trivial take care instead of a goodbye. How to say take care of yourself because I will not do it. " The lawyer suggested two years in prison and thirty-seven thousand euro fine for individuals guilty of fraud and counterfeiting. Florence Aubenas (long journalist kidnapped in Iraq) writes that his letter not be published: too personal. The criminologist analyzes the individual sender: "An intelligent man, educated, good social and cultural level, elegant, seductive, proud narcissistic and selfish. "Psychologically dangerous and / or great writer." The exegete the text of the Talmud deals with a rabbinic dispute. We are thinking a philosopher, an anthropologist, an expert on women's rights at the UN, a professor of physics. Dasplechine Marie, writer, makes a story for children. The primary school teacher in the beautiful handwriting as a task proposed to pupils with five deliveries, "a title for this story, who is the protagonist? what is the problem? How the protagonist solves it? Find another end to history. "Amber, nine and a half years, the place:" It seems that you love him. If love does not know why the leaves. It is a sad story. "The lyricist turns it into a text song, the composer in a classical piano piece. The etiquette expert and categorically rejects the proposed new text: seven lines written in fountain pen on vellum paper, clean due to lack of vanity. The fortune teller does tarot cards: the hermit, the fool, the empress, the moon, hanged man. Encrypts the secret service agent using the keyword "break".

The crossword editor makes it a phenomenal puzzle: memorable definitions of "beneficial", "hopeless", "lover". For hundreds of pages alternate the expert in comparative literature and sociology (it is an essay: "The worsening of heterosexual love in the West "), the historical and chess player (" The black king loses: analysis of the game ".) translates the Latin:" Ego quidem res alio voluissem cover. Cura ut Valeas. "Thus the phrase in Latin homicidal says: ut Valeas care. The interior designer makes a thousand copies to distribute to visiting guests, the stack in a container, the book turns it into an economic balance of give and take in love. The two teacher of ikebana flower arrangements, his mother a letter to his daughter: "My love, you leave and one is left, this is the name of the game. I'm sure that this will be your source of artistic inspiration. Am I wrong? ".

already arrived here, two-thirds of the book, it's better. There has been much laughter, we heard the noise much of the world. Here then is the time to sit back and enjoy the show. Of the four CD ROM (the seat of the family counselor, your conversation with the speaker of the radio, the film made by director Letitia Masson) contains the last images of those who responded with his voice and gestures. A clown. A star of the dance at the Paris Opera. Jeanne Moreau reading in the dim light of a room, says in a hoarse voice, stops, resumes, gets excited. The rifle shooter of the sheet with the mail is a target, take aim and fire. Luciana Littizzetto the law in the kitchen of his home in Turin, while suffering an onion: sarcasm and tears. Victoria Abril still in the bed of "links" that criticizes the untrimmed sheets Sophie: "You gave him too many conditions, you said that after the end of love you would not have liked to see more, you have asked not to be the other, fourth of its women. But, Sophie, in love does not dictate the rules. You are wrong. " Japanese actress with a mask of chalk, a dancer Indian dance, a tango singer. A papier-mache baby (female), a rapper. An interpreter of Portuguese fado, a lyric soprano, a singer in Berlin. At the end, Brenda, majestic white bird with golden crest (female): with her bill to pieces the letter, the taste, I eat a bit, 'he does not like the throws. Closes the author: a phrase in lowercase, last page. "This is all about the letter. Not about the man who wrote it ...". The book, of course, is dedicated to him.

( November 11, 2007

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Contemporary Costume For Sale

In Italy as in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya!

published by Marco Hector Nittalope the day Friday, February 18, 2011 at 17:50 (FB)

We are experiencing an important moment in history, and perhaps not all realize it, and who could realize it is committed to follow the gossip Berlusconi, who is no longer such. In fact, the dramatic economic and sistuazione politician who is going through Italy is also attributable to the work and non-function of "your" premier (I did not VOTATO). Le parole di Ronald Spogli (amasciatore americano a Roma): "Silvio pone gli interessi personali prima di quelli dello stato, sfrutta istituzioni e risorse politiche" . Un'affermazione che riassume brevemente lo stato in cui versa la politica italiana, con un "premier clown" e un'opposizione che fatica a csostruire un'alternativa convincente e risolutiva. Credo che in una situazione come quella attuale noi italiani (in riferimento alla componente critica e razionale di coloro che si ribellano) dovremmo prendere esempio e coraggio dal resto del Mediterraneo: guardando all'Egitto, alla Tunisia e alla Libia.
Dobbiamo ribellarci, scendere nelle piazze, abbattere i portono dei "palazzi" e protestare finchè our dictator will not be ousted, not by military but by people. Berlusconi should be deposed! We help to create a class of democratic politics that can guarantee rights to all equally, work and culture.

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Reliable Gokart Engine


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Can I Drive With A Missing Wheel Cover

Machine Infinite Energy Magnetic Motor PERPETUAL MOTION!

S If a "simple" mechanical engineer is able to make a car magnet motor (working) why the automakers continue to trim those combustion? The answer is pretty obvious, but the problem I want to address is precisely what is cambiando.Molte automobile in the name of clean energy and showing the lure of saving money, are starting a new scam that will replace the oil: Let's see how.
The multinational oil companies, are buying shares and companies that produce electricity, for what purpose? To capture the new market that will be developed in this new decade. What?
That of electric cars. Here's what we read from the new commercial site of Renault (
Partner 1


electric vehicles, the ambitions of Renault-Nissan Alliance, a key strength for the protection of the environment and the advent of a new era of the car. Innovative partnerships around the world for the widespread introduction of electric vehicles . Paesi.Una 28 Partnering in 16 brand new business philosophy: you buy the car but lease the battery. This will allow you to quickly replace the batteries unloaded at all stations Quickdrop.Veicoli electric Renault: sustainable mobility for tutti.Partnership created around the world with governments, local governments and energy companies for the widespread introduction of electric vehicles from Renault.

Not only that, other manufacturers participating, here is what offers the Smart: Car manufacturers are different, but since the purpose is not to advertise, pass it to analyze the new economic fraud.
If you entered the sites you have seen presented that the autonomy of these cars is far less than the combustion engine and at best with a battery you walk about 160km (flat field) this means that in the near future, we will check charging stations in every corner of the city but the problem would not either. To capture our attention their ads are based on "cost savings" and clean atmosphere, but what is reality?
For starters, the cost of an electric vehicle is equivalent to that of a diesel of the same displacement, which means 2 / 3000 € more than a motor vehicle heat on, the battery should be hired that is not included in the price and that, according to initial estimates should be 70/80 € per month excluding refills! Clearly indicate that no cost, however, advertising is suggested that: (source site Renault) \u0026lt; operating costs, including charging and maintenance, are equivalent to those of a sedan with engine heat .> ;
So the question that arises is: What is the advantage of electric motor? And manufacturers here, we have a world full of green roses and flowers, but the reality? Currently
power plants run on fossil fuels, and polluting. The current requirements Electricity is intended for domestic use, but if we add millions of vehicles, how many more polluting power plants we build? For some, the ideal solution would be nuclear power plants, which, however, produce radioactive waste, are less polluting than oil?
Thinking about the game I can think of three glasses that hide the ball!
So, once again these "Lords" are preparing to sell whistles for flasks "Speaking of saving, ecology and well-being, while the ultimate goal is to leave things as they are, only changing the way to recover the benefits that will lose from an oil begins to run low! And all this while ordinary people are capable of producing magnetic motors that allow the same performance, but at no cost, since the normal 12V battery that powers it, can be recharged with a standard generator belt! But there's more! because there are those who already produces compressed air motors:
will surely many of those attracted by the glitter and lights to LED technology that will provide electric cars and will also be convinced to help the ecology, but the reality is that will continue to roam the streets breathing the same polluted air and the usual nose ring, that put them of big corporations.

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Milena Velba Airport Movie

Bertinotti and the walkway Unical

Fausto Bertinotti, writer and intellectual left, unveiled a new book Unical: Who's in charge here? the catwalk presentation were the Rector, The Moor and the parliamentary journalist Sansonetti. The meeting was held in the Aula Magna of the University returned to its sad and gray splendor, has not had great participation. Wanting quick fareuna demographic analysis of the low flow in this "event" we should consider three factors are decisive and fundamental: The Tower, The Moor and Bertinotti. The Rector, beyond the usual rhetoric of the speech reception has recycled used last year, always during the coming of Fausto Bertinotti to the presentation of another book. The Parliamentary Lo Moro, as a good policy of Calabria, has purged fiumidi words, phrases and smiles "santino election, speaking for 20 minutes without saying anything or at least nothing new.

Former Secretary has unsheathed a direct criticism, not constructive to the Berlusconi government, through an analysis World economic situation and Italian, throwing it into the cauldron of the speech all the hottest topics of recent times: work, FIOM, democracy, constitution and Marchionne. Analysis nothing to say and even anything new.
It was not pleasant, in fact it was a jack ass that Bertinotti speech heard at other times, a perfect analytical point of view but so little consistent with the actions done and not done. Of course, I do not think anyone in the audience expecting to hear qualcosadi different: political institutions that continue to penalize the meritocracy, rectors and professors who sleep "soundly" because they know that they have created hardly lobby will be punished and that no one will raise the shutters of their temple while wearing aprons and white gloves; journalists who are following the wind north now south wind. The provocations and questions for students and temporary workers this morning went unanswered. The Rector and The Moor confirmed that for us college students is important to have "critical", ignoring that perhaps we have grown so much more that can not take the piss.

Josh Hutcherson In Blue Boxers Brief

The ducks are quacks