Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Bertinotti and the walkway Unical

Fausto Bertinotti, writer and intellectual left, unveiled a new book Unical: Who's in charge here? the catwalk presentation were the Rector, The Moor and the parliamentary journalist Sansonetti. The meeting was held in the Aula Magna of the University returned to its sad and gray splendor, has not had great participation. Wanting quick fareuna demographic analysis of the low flow in this "event" we should consider three factors are decisive and fundamental: The Tower, The Moor and Bertinotti. The Rector, beyond the usual rhetoric of the speech reception has recycled used last year, always during the coming of Fausto Bertinotti to the presentation of another book. The Parliamentary Lo Moro, as a good policy of Calabria, has purged fiumidi words, phrases and smiles "santino election, speaking for 20 minutes without saying anything or at least nothing new.

Former Secretary has unsheathed a direct criticism, not constructive to the Berlusconi government, through an analysis World economic situation and Italian, throwing it into the cauldron of the speech all the hottest topics of recent times: work, FIOM, democracy, constitution and Marchionne. Analysis nothing to say and even anything new.
It was not pleasant, in fact it was a jack ass that Bertinotti speech heard at other times, a perfect analytical point of view but so little consistent with the actions done and not done. Of course, I do not think anyone in the audience expecting to hear qualcosadi different: political institutions that continue to penalize the meritocracy, rectors and professors who sleep "soundly" because they know that they have created hardly lobby will be punished and that no one will raise the shutters of their temple while wearing aprons and white gloves; journalists who are following the wind north now south wind. The provocations and questions for students and temporary workers this morning went unanswered. The Rector and The Moor confirmed that for us college students is important to have "critical", ignoring that perhaps we have grown so much more that can not take the piss.


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