Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can I Drive With A Missing Wheel Cover

Machine Infinite Energy Magnetic Motor PERPETUAL MOTION!

S If a "simple" mechanical engineer is able to make a car magnet motor (working) why the automakers continue to trim those combustion? The answer is pretty obvious, but the problem I want to address is precisely what is cambiando.Molte automobile in the name of clean energy and showing the lure of saving money, are starting a new scam that will replace the oil: Let's see how.
The multinational oil companies, are buying shares and companies that produce electricity, for what purpose? To capture the new market that will be developed in this new decade. What?
That of electric cars. Here's what we read from the new commercial site of Renault (
Partner 1


electric vehicles, the ambitions of Renault-Nissan Alliance, a key strength for the protection of the environment and the advent of a new era of the car. Innovative partnerships around the world for the widespread introduction of electric vehicles . Paesi.Una 28 Partnering in 16 brand new business philosophy: you buy the car but lease the battery. This will allow you to quickly replace the batteries unloaded at all stations Quickdrop.Veicoli electric Renault: sustainable mobility for tutti.Partnership created around the world with governments, local governments and energy companies for the widespread introduction of electric vehicles from Renault.

Not only that, other manufacturers participating, here is what offers the Smart: Car manufacturers are different, but since the purpose is not to advertise, pass it to analyze the new economic fraud.
If you entered the sites you have seen presented that the autonomy of these cars is far less than the combustion engine and at best with a battery you walk about 160km (flat field) this means that in the near future, we will check charging stations in every corner of the city but the problem would not either. To capture our attention their ads are based on "cost savings" and clean atmosphere, but what is reality?
For starters, the cost of an electric vehicle is equivalent to that of a diesel of the same displacement, which means 2 / 3000 € more than a motor vehicle heat on, the battery should be hired that is not included in the price and that, according to initial estimates should be 70/80 € per month excluding refills! Clearly indicate that no cost, however, advertising is suggested that: (source site Renault) \u0026lt; operating costs, including charging and maintenance, are equivalent to those of a sedan with engine heat .> ;
So the question that arises is: What is the advantage of electric motor? And manufacturers here, we have a world full of green roses and flowers, but the reality? Currently
power plants run on fossil fuels, and polluting. The current requirements Electricity is intended for domestic use, but if we add millions of vehicles, how many more polluting power plants we build? For some, the ideal solution would be nuclear power plants, which, however, produce radioactive waste, are less polluting than oil?
Thinking about the game I can think of three glasses that hide the ball!
So, once again these "Lords" are preparing to sell whistles for flasks "Speaking of saving, ecology and well-being, while the ultimate goal is to leave things as they are, only changing the way to recover the benefits that will lose from an oil begins to run low! And all this while ordinary people are capable of producing magnetic motors that allow the same performance, but at no cost, since the normal 12V battery that powers it, can be recharged with a standard generator belt! But there's more! because there are those who already produces compressed air motors:
will surely many of those attracted by the glitter and lights to LED technology that will provide electric cars and will also be convinced to help the ecology, but the reality is that will continue to roam the streets breathing the same polluted air and the usual nose ring, that put them of big corporations.


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