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INQUIRE, what does this mean?

Without any pretense of wanting to teach, I wonder how many really know what it means be informed; More surf the web and the more I realize that we have lost the ability and analytical objectivity of things. In the post you read a bit everywhere, it is clear that we pause to observe individual photographs that represent a static picture of a moment of life and on this, way, we scrambled to comment, judge and ending with the injuries to make the biggest item. It 'obvious that the last years of Italian television has contributed in an exaggerated way to create more "standard" of thought: The Big Brother, Year Zero, the island's famous, Ballarò (to name a few) have had an effect on us all hypnotic from which we are no longer able to escape, the result is that we reason only in accordance with these standards that send to the Pallino reflective capacity and objectivity Who does not belong to a current, is to be abolished, who does not follow that fashion is a miserable and on these points, there is no more middle ground , there is no room for thinking any different, because diversity is doomed. And 'this is a correct way to get information?
So we try to analyze a possible method of objective information; Given that the Golden Rule does not exist, all of us, we should have a dowry "theoretically" reserved exclusively to human beings, and it is common sense, but how many use and inform each other?
in Lately there is much talk of press freedom, but what does this mean that everyone is free to say and talk about everything that comes to mind? (I speak of the Press and TV) The objective fact is that today is so, but this allows the reader to form opinions and notes are truly free from conditioning? Personally I highly doubt!
Let's analyze the common sense things:
Personally, I believe that an individual of average age, with a normal IQ, should be able to reflect individually with your brain, without the need to be to suggest ideas (see condition) All of us, we are conditioned by education and parental environment, up to 12 years but from now on (theoretically) triggered the age of awareness, understanding of things, this means that regardless of the packaging had, we should be able to rework the extrapolated all the basics that will allow us to live our individuality.
The reality that is evident today, is exactly the opposite that is, not only to maintain the conditioning received without dissecting it, but we let ourselves be transported safely in the air conditioning in the absolute belief that they are free to think with our head! Some examples?
many, being born into a family tradition of never going to vote right to the left? Those born in a
Catholic family are atheists?
How many sons of wealthy industrialists who choose to make the workers, volunteers or any other work that is not tied to the industry or business?
These are just some examples to understand the conditioning to which we are subjected to teenagers, growing up, this bombardment increases exponentially because of the TV and newspapers.
What about common sense instead?
that being raised with a Catholic indoctrination, does not mean I should not be interested in what's right for other religions, that it should not reflect on why so many religions or whether it is worthwhile to reconsider the whole thing and make me a "My" idea of \u200b\u200breligion. I took such the theme of religion, just because it's always been the most discussed, but the analysis is the concept that we should be applied to any subject that we look to say "I'm aware!"
The drama comes from the fact that we are all more than convinced that these considerations do regularly, why do not we realize that our subconscious is to head to one side or the other and this gives us the impression of being free and goals.
Staying on an issue known to all, try to think, What programs will look a far-left voter? big brother? No-The island's famous? No year zero? YES!
If you read the newspapers, his critics will be on an article or the Free Republic? When
will search for information, will focus on those that confirm their beliefs or remain free of mental constraints imposed by its political faith? This is an endless chain of influences that few are able to spezzare.e this does not mean to be informed, but conditioned.
The man truly free and able to leave behind her old beliefs, he can review each day's life, based on new ideas, moving from the extreme right to the extreme left and vice versa if you notice mistakes committed. The only free man mentally, is also a man who is really informed.

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Which Gang Is Bigger Crips Or Surenos

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techniques of the new slavery, we do not see!

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the courage to live (JFK) Be what

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want to be here and now.

Hell's Kitchen Staged


What is your concept of freedom?
When you leave school, you think you've assimilated the teachings received free or someone they searched and selected for you and you set them free as a concept?
When you enter the world of work, you choose the place you want or take what you offer?
When you buy a car, a television, an apartment or whatever, you think you make your choices freely, or someone before you has imposed limits or parameters with which to make choices?
When you go to a doctor, go to a hospital or pharmacy, you're convinced that you choose to care, medicine or the surgeon?
Clearly, this is all part of the rules of the game, but who has chosen the rules? You?
So where is your freedom at every step if you obey the conditions of someone?
Even the "Negro slaves" were free to eat at meal time, sleep at night, to have children and educate them, but ... this was free?
What is the difference between then and the slaves of us? One
; what our orchard has widened a few feet and instead of whipping enslave us with fears and acts of terrorism!
But then, what is the true concept of freedom?

After Gallbladder Removal Heartburn

Love is an energy universe.

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Magazinul Uniriiprogram 2010


and I thought that I will not die ..
NOT want my child to die,
Luckily it was just a quick thought.

TODAY MY HOPE "POLICIES" ARE Disillusioned ...
And watch the news I felt sadness ...
Indignation ..
But this is a recurring thought.

Today I went to cut his hair!


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Where I Can Watch Free Brent Corrigan Movies

winter sun

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Patricia Manterola Performance

his Majesty 'SOPHIE CALLE

Meeting with Sophie Calle (2004)

(Unity, January 27, 2004 )
---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Sophie Calle lives and works in one of those wide open spaces post-industrial city on the edge of Paris, without being the periphery. Christian Boltanski and Annette Messager are his neighbors. I have the faded memory of my visit many years ago struck me with its intensity and simplicity (I was hungry and we continued to discuss giving us of you while I fry an egg). Is a conceptual artist Sophie Calle. Use pictures, photographs, writing, and narrative forms, the assembly of materials and articles, videos, installations, but also the ideas, which can not fail to give a narrative. Being an artist of ideas is an powerful, but fragile, it is true that anyone can take and redistribute in turn, included within its own "signature" (and even more so if authoritative). For example, the novel Leviathan, New York writer Paul Auster, for many pages, makes a perfect plagiarism of the works of Sophie Calle, which continues to trouble me. The character of the novel falls in love with a certain Mary, ingenious and unconventional artist, and he says the work and ideas. Many readers do not know, but apart from a couple of marginal inventions, all that the writer gives to that character is actually successful in life and work (indiscernible) of Parisian artist Sophie Calle. Traces of which now a summary and partial chronological list.

time of his first opera (Les Dormeurs, Venice Biennale 1979) Sophie Calle twenty-six: invited to sleep in his bed twenty-nine between friends and strangers, which he photographed sleep at all hours. In Venice, follows a man for a fortnight, taking photos and notes (Suite Vénitienne, 1980). From that year until 1993, leads a long ritual of birthday gifts received and kept methodically. In 1981 is followed by a private detective hired by her without her knowledge, and compares his relationship with his daily diary. The same year he hired as a waitress in a hotel in Venice, photographing the traces of life of clients. In 1983, after finding the street un'agendina with address book, instead of making it to the owner conducts an investigation on him daily, a soap opera, the newspaper Libération, making him tell the people who appear on his column. The following year, Los Angeles, asks where the inhabitants are angels who give the city its name (Les Anges, 1984). Having once obtained a grant for Japan, the Siberian salt and photographed the slow journey, and especially his fellow cab (Anatoli, 1984). In 1986 he asked the blind from birth to give a personal definition of beauty (Les aveugles), while from 1988 to 2003 takes autobiographical works, including that on pain (and Autobiographies Douleur exquise). And so on. (I think I have some idea of \u200b\u200bthe method of Sophie Calle. As another example, it occurs to me that in her hand, the now famous statement "of 'something left," under whose aegis of my Lidia Ravera friend writes weekly monologues in this newspaper, was an investigation - everybody say one thing left - which was specially fitted would become not only work but also, possibly, a concrete program of the Olive). All these works, also available as books published by Actes Sud in general, are visible along with other in the large retrospective of Sophie Calle in progress at the Beaubourg Museum in Paris until March 15 - and copied by Paul Auster on pages that are of striking ingenuity (the same Auster who based his film Smoke on a story by Georges Perec, never mentioned). I apologize to insist on this, but the theme is important: who owns the ideas? What is the relationship between ideas and stories? Although there is no answer to these questions, articulate means to go to the heart of the work of Sophie Calle.

The ideas are in the air, so they are all. But today the only trait that distinguishes art from other objects and practices of life more or less ordinary is the signature, which "institution" depends on further aesthetic enhancement. Capturing ideas and then redistribute them as part of their subjective experience: it is the common and constant feature of the works of conceptual artist Sophie Calle. That make the world, of all things in the world, his autobiography. At the bottom is an exquisitely philosophical, not unlike, for example, by Descartes' Discourse on Method. It 'also the essence of each literary vocation. The voyeurism of autobiographical and conceptual artist Sophie Calle - who has had many imitators over the years with the spread of the "documentary" in the visual arts and film - is that it is with authors and actors of his work. And if this method is at least a limit, even an aporia, is perhaps too generously made explicit in the work of the most intense shows of Parisian artist Sophie Calle, unpublished and not by chance, "says the artist, the result of a failure. It's called Unfinished - Unfinished or infinite. And it is this that I now speak.

It is no coincidence that this has anything to do with money. Thus was born. In 1988, Sophie Calle invited an American bank to implement a project in situ. Outside the bank, vending machines (so-called ATM) were topped by security cameras that record the faces and gestures of customers. Sophie Calle wanted white view of humanity in that archive Black and stretched in a common, silent and solitary transaction of money. But also: the anxious face of a woman who puts a check, and after twenty seconds the lights (the check will be fake and stolen). A man who attacks a woman, and another that appears immediately after bare-chested. The camera is indifferent to the people, money is there to monitor and counter. Thousands of faces, tense, patient, resigned. Indifferent gaze, empty, waiting. Other totally desperate. Sophie Calle was able to obtain from the bank's private detective a number of those videotaped images. But, he confesses, "I did not know what to do with those images. Told something, but what? They spoke of surveillance, money, lonely? I should have thought. " Two years later he returns to the place in search of "an idea to go with those faces." Photographer in the bank then the bags of money, the hands of employees who handle the day notes, questioning them on their spiritual and material relationship with money. But there is no association of ideas, even that of money with sex and death, which appears formulaic. What to do? The style of Sophie Calle, in his work, always consists in linking images and text. In 1994 Jean Baudrillard calls for help, that vision and those pictures stolen in exchange for the delivery baudrillardiane typically four pages that talk about security and obscenity of the money, the universe of vending machines and the world simulacrale value, comparing the ATM to a urinal and a confessional. But the problem remained of Sophie Calle, the following: "What was my role? I need action. " Missing work because they lack the experience. Sophie Calle begins again (we are in 1997), observes the thousands of new images of faces taken from the cameras. He notices that are beautiful and moving? There is something in those stolen images of faces, which produces an even more excruciating than the photos of the dead, enlarged and grainy as Sindoni, who for years shows Christian Boltanski. Sophie Calle note: "I imagined an empty room. A single portrait. A single face turned towards money. " At one point it poses a interesting question: "It 's probably because the money can do, I can not do anything about money?" Worry that perhaps form a final statement, romantic and disenchanted at the same time: "if they are not able to work on because money is money I do not miss, and I can only work on what I miss. " After that you give up, realizing that at that time there is nothing to add. Remain after 15 years, those silent images, in settlement of an investment with the yield turns out to be profitable: the added value is a "video artist" accompanied by off his voice which tells the story and make it so (the signature) works.

End dell'apologo, and review of the exhibition by Sophie Calle that is an excuse. The question of who are the ideas and where they come from does not make much sense without the experience. Without the experiences and ideas would be arbitrary metaphors like the teeth of Berenice in the homonymous short story by Edgar Allan Poe: violence crowds. On the other hand, Sophie Calle said those images of cash that was simply abdicate in front of their presence. " A nice way to recognize their predicament, in an exhibition entitled vue M'as you ("You saw me?"). A great way to reach irreducibility of others through his (equally irreducible) self-centeredness. Those faces in the most public and private made lewd gestures make a rough collision between a physical passion and indifference, intangible and virtual. From any part of its significance, it is not just a fable account for those of us who persist in questioning, search, test ideas and stories, reaching out to them with patience or desperation. And for everyone else, even for those ideas go to the vending machine.

Beppe Sebaste

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Milena Velba Fotoğrafları

Elisa - Forgiveness

yesterday in the car ... out cold.
.. Me and my children napping.
moment of peace and tranquility '

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Resoling Birkenstock Sandals In Kansas

Eddie Vedder - Society - Into the Wild Soundtrack

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Midnight Hot In India

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Symptoms Of Intestional Blockage In A Puppy

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How To Import To Imovie8 From Panasonic Hd-sd9

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New Couple Greeting Quotes

November 2010 October 2010. HIM HER 3 years 8 months

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