Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Staged


What is your concept of freedom?
When you leave school, you think you've assimilated the teachings received free or someone they searched and selected for you and you set them free as a concept?
When you enter the world of work, you choose the place you want or take what you offer?
When you buy a car, a television, an apartment or whatever, you think you make your choices freely, or someone before you has imposed limits or parameters with which to make choices?
When you go to a doctor, go to a hospital or pharmacy, you're convinced that you choose to care, medicine or the surgeon?
Clearly, this is all part of the rules of the game, but who has chosen the rules? You?
So where is your freedom at every step if you obey the conditions of someone?
Even the "Negro slaves" were free to eat at meal time, sleep at night, to have children and educate them, but ... this was free?
What is the difference between then and the slaves of us? One
; what our orchard has widened a few feet and instead of whipping enslave us with fears and acts of terrorism!
But then, what is the true concept of freedom?


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