Monday, December 27, 2010

Bridge Vs Implant 2010

INQUIRE, what does this mean?

Without any pretense of wanting to teach, I wonder how many really know what it means be informed; More surf the web and the more I realize that we have lost the ability and analytical objectivity of things. In the post you read a bit everywhere, it is clear that we pause to observe individual photographs that represent a static picture of a moment of life and on this, way, we scrambled to comment, judge and ending with the injuries to make the biggest item. It 'obvious that the last years of Italian television has contributed in an exaggerated way to create more "standard" of thought: The Big Brother, Year Zero, the island's famous, Ballarò (to name a few) have had an effect on us all hypnotic from which we are no longer able to escape, the result is that we reason only in accordance with these standards that send to the Pallino reflective capacity and objectivity Who does not belong to a current, is to be abolished, who does not follow that fashion is a miserable and on these points, there is no more middle ground , there is no room for thinking any different, because diversity is doomed. And 'this is a correct way to get information?
So we try to analyze a possible method of objective information; Given that the Golden Rule does not exist, all of us, we should have a dowry "theoretically" reserved exclusively to human beings, and it is common sense, but how many use and inform each other?
in Lately there is much talk of press freedom, but what does this mean that everyone is free to say and talk about everything that comes to mind? (I speak of the Press and TV) The objective fact is that today is so, but this allows the reader to form opinions and notes are truly free from conditioning? Personally I highly doubt!
Let's analyze the common sense things:
Personally, I believe that an individual of average age, with a normal IQ, should be able to reflect individually with your brain, without the need to be to suggest ideas (see condition) All of us, we are conditioned by education and parental environment, up to 12 years but from now on (theoretically) triggered the age of awareness, understanding of things, this means that regardless of the packaging had, we should be able to rework the extrapolated all the basics that will allow us to live our individuality.
The reality that is evident today, is exactly the opposite that is, not only to maintain the conditioning received without dissecting it, but we let ourselves be transported safely in the air conditioning in the absolute belief that they are free to think with our head! Some examples?
many, being born into a family tradition of never going to vote right to the left? Those born in a
Catholic family are atheists?
How many sons of wealthy industrialists who choose to make the workers, volunteers or any other work that is not tied to the industry or business?
These are just some examples to understand the conditioning to which we are subjected to teenagers, growing up, this bombardment increases exponentially because of the TV and newspapers.
What about common sense instead?
that being raised with a Catholic indoctrination, does not mean I should not be interested in what's right for other religions, that it should not reflect on why so many religions or whether it is worthwhile to reconsider the whole thing and make me a "My" idea of \u200b\u200breligion. I took such the theme of religion, just because it's always been the most discussed, but the analysis is the concept that we should be applied to any subject that we look to say "I'm aware!"
The drama comes from the fact that we are all more than convinced that these considerations do regularly, why do not we realize that our subconscious is to head to one side or the other and this gives us the impression of being free and goals.
Staying on an issue known to all, try to think, What programs will look a far-left voter? big brother? No-The island's famous? No year zero? YES!
If you read the newspapers, his critics will be on an article or the Free Republic? When
will search for information, will focus on those that confirm their beliefs or remain free of mental constraints imposed by its political faith? This is an endless chain of influences that few are able to spezzare.e this does not mean to be informed, but conditioned.
The man truly free and able to leave behind her old beliefs, he can review each day's life, based on new ideas, moving from the extreme right to the extreme left and vice versa if you notice mistakes committed. The only free man mentally, is also a man who is really informed.


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