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DISCOVERED THE REAL PROBLEM OF ITALY: The active neurons are low

published by Andrea Ardidicore on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 21:51

........... but fortunately also new ACTIVATED IT! (I might add)

Maybe someone has believed any woman believed that her role would be to sculettare to poke someone, and would also have the duty to refer boobs and lips, to get a wider audience, perhaps someone else has Reduto that Italy's problems can be summarized in the following questions prompted by the mass media:
- if Berlusconi is a pedophile;
- if Franceschini, Fini Casini or one of the other puppets (he also rhyme) will point out enough of the depravity of the head of government;
- if the bishops have the courage to make moral Berlusconi
- Veronica if she really loved her husband;
- if there are other photos of the feasts of the mafia-brothel Milanese;
- if the international press have it with Berlusconi;
- if our good guys manage to bring "democracy" in Afghanistan, a country of ingrates who turn against their benefactors;
- even if Obama flirterà with the Arabs, promising peace, but by the industry prosper armaments.

Perhaps many of us have believed it would appear that ordinary people are increasingly unable to understand the intrigues of power. The fact is that Italy, Art and Culture from the country, has now become the country's ignorance and stoned. E we understand that it is not of opinions, according to statistics.
It speaks of two types of illiteracy. There is illiteracy (or semi-illiteracy) that refers to the inability to properly use the writing and mathematics in everyday life, the illiterate and there is absolute, that he who can not read and does not know write, having never having learned or forgotten altogether.
If the illiterate or semi-illiterate add those who do not read even one book a year we reach a figure of 60% according to Istat. Only 20% of Italian families read books regularly, as much as 80% of Italians, according to World Bank data, it reports exclusively on television.
It 's a given to say the least worrisome. Sure does not claim that all individuals are able to write a book or do an exegesis of an ancient text, but it comes to having the ability to get an idea of \u200b\u200bproducing a written text or their own self-critical thinking .
The cultural decline of the Italians would have started several decades ago, reinforced by commercial TV, which proposes to spend hours watching game shows idiotic, half-naked women or people arguing or spoke a language not quite erudite.
to our authorities interested in all this? Is there anyone which offers something to whet people's cognitive abilities?
No, they are added to the disinterest of other attempts stoned media, especially the Tv Ignorance is supplied from the system and not fought.

Why is ignorance that builds upon the acquiescence to his master. E 'ignorance that accepts the compromise on their rights. E 'ignorance that there is solace in the rolls for not thinking about problems.

E 'ignorance that accepts prevail over the smart. E 'ignorance that we accept the recommendation of the abuse. What does it mean today the word "culture" in Italy? In the era of Big Brother and the general?
now seems that everything is opinion, even the dead are in Iraq for some review-
The concept of "culture" is very difficult to explain or clarify.
It 's true that sometimes the cultural level of a person can not be measured on the basis of the degree or the number of books read. The "culture" is not only read books, culture is to grow, think, experience, change. But it is also true that not read and does not make any cultural activity, spending hours watching TV, may atrophy or cognitive artistic potential.
The main function of the culture itself would be to enrich the person inside, causing it to become able to freely express his personal "feel" through words, pictures or other. In other words, talk about culture is to speak of human potential that preside over the change, growth and progress as individuals and civil society.
This is a key area to protect the freedom of individuals. In fact, no independence of thought and without the possibility inner growth humans could be distinguished from other animals, which have no potential abstract or "formal" and thus remain bound to the instincts and the demands of material life.
Ignorance can be understood as an inability to "cultivate" themselves, "nurturing" their brain and their sensitivity to positive stimuli, which may be good books, works of art or social experiences constructive.
Ignorance produces tangible effects, and perhaps it will be hard to find.
Quanta ignorance does it take to believe that a character enriched through intrigues of various kinds may have to care about the development of the country?
Quanta ignorance to believe that there must be one that for many years has produced programs for garbage rimbecillire then people respect public opinion?
Quanta ignorance to believe that there must be authority are on the side of those who kill civilians are able to act for the collective good?
Quanta ignorance is to believe that people like Facci, Bondi or Belpietro not be at the service of lies and corruption?
Ignorance means lack of free thought, is to become puppets of those who are able to think and act. It means accepting that from the outside, relying on emotions, someone will create our own opinion on things, on people and events.
accepts the ignorant arrogance of the powerful, convinced that the world should be divided into upper and lower. A criminal's may seem a King
Who is ignorant can not be a citizen, but only subject. This subject will find his sovereign without living in a monarchy. His King is one who rises to power, who draws his power from his ignorance. And this King, the ignorant will become a courtier, accepting every infamy that he may commit. Convinced of worthlessness, will nell'accondiscendenza to power its value.


The money you give, the ignorant are blessed in the court roll, including servants, jesters, clowns and concubines.
Already in 1840, the philosopher Alexis De Tocqueville wrote:

"When the taste for material wealth grows faster than the habit of freedom and civilization, there comes a time when men are swept and almost lose their heads at the sight of goods that are going to win. concerned only with making a fortune, they fail to capture the close relationship between the welfare of everyone to prosperity for all. In such cases, you will not even need to rip them the rights they enjoy: they will be willing to deprive themselves ... If a person able and ambitious manages to seize power in such a critical moment, will find the way open to any abuse. Just who cares for a while 'to cure the material interests and no one will call him to answer the rest. Guaranteeing that the first order ! A nation that his government seeks the only law enforcement is already a slave at heart, a slave of his wealth and can occur at any moment the man destined to enslave . When the great mass of citizens wish to address only the most private affairs of its Smaller parties can seize power. It is not uncommon then to see the vast multitudes of the world scene represented by a few men who speak in the name of an absent or inattentive crowd, which act in the midst of the universal property has a whim of everything: changing laws and bullied at their convenience on costumes, so that you can not help but be amazed to see that in weak and worthless hands a great people may fall. "
The ignorant would say that certainly would never have voted Hitler in Germany in 1932, but people who vote endorse bloody wars, reminding the Libyan lager innocent people are dying and that hundreds of immigrants drowned.
The problem is that the head does not remain ignorant usually empty, as you might think. No. will be filled with "mental junk", or content that will make the person subject to emotional manipulation to make their own ideas and much convoluted, who foment racism, sexism, uncritical submission to authority and inclination to waste their lives engaged in low-quality programs look like garbage.

Not being able to create their own personal reality, using his head, remains at the mercy of all the filth regime.

writer and therapist Brad Blanton uses the term "mental junk" to indicate a series of falsehoods that encloses the true mind. According to this scholar, the people may be forced to no longer evaluate their own experience, giving space to abstract content related to past experience or what is conventionally held to be true in reality. The interpretations of reality can become junk if dictated by content or unverified propaganda. Get out of the trash / mental prison is not easy. Blandon Notes:

"Some of us can Lying to get out of prison built by our mind. Most of us in that prison, it dies. We all have the wonderful opportunity to go beyond the barriers of our mind, and do it again and again. The first step in this process is to cast doubt on our minds ... Unfortunately, our mind is not equipped for the periodic removal of excrement as the body. To this we must provide us with a voluntary effort. "
The media (especially television and cinema) stimulate in different ways the violent and sexual instincts. Assist in production of poor quality continuously, based on violence or pregnant may mean forfeiture of advertisements a lot of mental junk.
advertising is a source of substantial production of mental garbage, it is designed to flatten the existence, through "forms of mental pollution that degrade our minds. More easily recognize the logo of a brand that a species of flowers, slogans that we hear more poetry. "
The advertising message is also meant to induce to act in a manner favorable to the consumer and the current economic system. The advertisement shows a false reality and leads us to believe it true, creates false needs and false meanings.
The mind absorbs the lie as part of reality, and time may be put to rest any self-critical and reflective.
According to the lecturer Giuseppe Mininni the mass media have certain characteristics that produce dependence and carrying a heavy power over individuals. For example, the media trivialize and simplify everything, but in order to understand the reality, but to give a sense of simplicity and intelligibility that gives the impression of being informed. In fact, as many know, there is a triumph of disinformation. The more one is inclined to use his head more and you are able to expose the misinformation and to understand what could be the content that you try to hide.
Another way to introduce garbage in our minds is through creation of fear and insecurity. These states produce emotional stress, and therefore suck energy that individuals could use to actually create more constructive.
The current system also provides strong aspects of ambiguity, which can produce anxiety inducing to be more rigid in the roles we assume that existential. You might have to consider some aspects of reality as if they were immutable, but rather should use their experience to reject, revise or analyze without giving anything for granted. Obviously, it's easier to accept what the system propina as true that personally reviews and evaluations. Who knows that now dominates escape liability individuals gives them the illusion of freedom. But without the assumption of personal responsibility could not be no freedom.
Not to take responsibility, many people enter the realm of fiction or unreality, assuming as true objectionable content, without realizing that this is against their interest and their growth. The rubbish prevents the existence of mind may be expressed as, and in its essential truth to emerge, giving more creative energy.

If the individual continues in the altered representation of reality, can supply a safety fanatic about the contents that he forfeited his mind, becoming emotionally reactive to everything that refute them.
This is because the place where it settles the trust is not the true self of the individual, but the ego in its superficial aspects.
to clean the garbage from the mind must turn a "process of demystification, or dismantle the false reality that come from shared culture created by the system. Illusions conferred by these pseudo-reality can become like a drug, giving a false sense safety and security, and allowing us to deflect responsibility. Blandon explains: "The alternative, freedom is often too terrible because then the mind can tolerate. This is why we hide from freedom under a pile of lies. "

who do not cultivate one's mind can not even have the idea of \u200b\u200bhaving to "dismantle the false reality" and will find easier to accept the "heap of lies."
Ours is a country defined modern and democratic. But the question is:
you can create a true democracy without the ability to think for themselves and understand what really happens around us?
Many scholars, for some time, they point out that ignorance is the optimal condition to thrive falsely democratic systems. To take a subject people just keep it in ignorance, because there is no freedom without knowledge and awareness of reality.
Those who ignore what is happening in the most important part of the reality of the "mass" that the demagogues are intended to be applauded, admired and voted. When ignorance is extreme even take over a certain level of liability, which will swallow all the rubbish of the authorities, perhaps thinking about insignificant details, highlighted, not surprisingly, the mass media.
History of Italy, you know, includes great artists, great heroes and geniuses of Science. But today? We are a nation of stoned, stupid, courtiers, clowns and showgirls?
is up to us to decide, choosing to be like the system we want, or get used to doing things that make us better, more aware of the techniques used by those who want us ignorant and stoned.


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