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"So Italy is working to the ray that creates energy from nothing"

Some documents prove the experiments conducted by scientist Clementel in the 70's. But now no one can see the product of those studies
of Rino Di Stefano - rinodistefano.com
(Il Giornale, Sunday, September 26 2010)
in the winter of 1976 the Italian government authorized the Professor Ezio Clementel, President of CNEN (National Committee for Nuclear Energy), to carry out a series of experiments to test the effectiveness of a mysterious machine that emits a beam ray can annihilate the subject, producing large amounts of energy. Giulio Andreotti had just formed his third government, which was sustained by a single color Dc abstention of the PCI, PSI, PSDI, PRI and PLI, after the elections on June 20 to 21 who had seen the victory of the DC and PCI.
The letter to Professor Clementel sent its report on the tests to be performed, is dated November 26, 1976 and addressed lawyer Loris Fortuna, President of the Committee on Industry, the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament Square at 4 in Rome. Fortuna was the Socialist deputy from the President of the Council to follow the work of Clementel.
The report consists of five sides. In the second, the one that follows the letter, there is a list of five tests required by the Protocol, with its details. In essence, it was to pierce the beam emitted from the machine, stainless steel and aluminum plates placed at different distances from the lens of the machine. In three pages later, the beam power is calculated. In another document have two sides, Professor Clementel writes in his own hand, by signing below, his conclusions concerning the evaluation of tests, energy and beam power, the nature of the beam.
writes Professor Clementel: "The beam energy used is estimated at between 150,000 and 4 million joules (the joule is the unit of measurement for the editor's note), the numbers given correspond to the energy required to melt respectively vaporize 144 grams of stainless steel. A more detailed assessment may be possible at the end of the current metallurgical analysis for a sample of stainless steel. Since, as is clear from the evidence, the beam is almost certainly impulsive type, with pulse duration of less than 0.1 seconds, one would need a precise knowledge of this period in order to determine the power of the beam. You can still give an estimate of the lower limit of the power play, taking a pulse duration of 0.1 seconds. With this value, this beam has a total power of 1500 kW / cm in the case of molten metal in the case of vaporization of the metal beam would increase the total power of 40,000 kW and the power density of 4000 kW / cm.
Above, the presentation page and then the most important page of the document that the President of the Committee for Nuclear Energy, Ezio Clementel (in the picture below), sent to the Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti, for particulars of evidence that had been made on a machine that produces power from a mysterious ray. Below the double page of the Journal of 6 July last year when we looked for the first time the ray energy that gives free . Our article of that day created a lot of noise, especially on the Internet. With the developments of this episode we tell a story that has many dark sides, and also why it is very fascinating.
And then concludes: "Regarding the nature of the beam, the simple tests do not allow a sufficiently precise answer, although there is some indication that would exclude some of the common sources, such as plasma jet, particle beams accelerated charge, neutron beams, and so on. In any event, even if not yet disabled the laser beam, energy and above all the powers involved, it would place beyond the limits of current technology. You can, however, rule out the possibility of anti-particle beams or anti-atoms ".
Professor Clementel did take pictures of those tests on the mysterious machine and movies together the report, have come down to us intact. In the scenes in black and white can be seen distinctly the machine and the stainless steel plate which is directed towards the beam. A moment and a great glow envelops the steel when the flames are less frequent, it is the big hole on the plate
The discovery of these records 34 years away, try two things. The first is that in 1976 the machine which produces energy with a beam of rays, exist. The second is that those experiments authorized by the Government, give an initial level of confidence to the file of the International Peace Foundation and Growth of Vaduz, Liechtenstein, the organization that he declared himself the owner of the fantastic technology. But is this true? The Foundation was actually the person who has this machine? Not really.
To learn more, we have sought the answer to Civitella d'Agliano, a picturesque medieval village in the hills of Lazio and Umbria, in the province of Viterbo, where the house engineer Aristide Saleppichi, one of the first technical deal with the construction and development of the mysterious car. Saleppichi, former director of the Montedison factory in Terni, has two degrees: one in mechanical engineering and physics. But not only. The engineer, who is now 91 years and maintains an enviable and lucid mind, is part of the group that runs the forty years machine. According to him, the fact that right now there was talk of the mysterious machinery, is not accidental. "You see, I have a concept a little 'theology of events - he explains - the natural walking. At one point, the Lord tells us when we discover a few things. It 's like if someone gave us to eat a little at a time. This, then, might be the right time to broach the subject. "
And it is to provide clarification on the matter, the engineer held a meeting at his house between the staff of this group and the reporter speaking to you. "That technology only belongs to us. And, to be more precise, Rolando Pelizza, the one who physically built the machine in Chiari, near Brescia. - Peter begins Panetta, a former businessman and spokesman for Pelizza Rome - The International Peace Foundation and Growth, who boasted of having this technology, was founded by our friend, Professor Nereo Bolognani. We have warned repeatedly that without our consent, could not continue on that road. In the end, we have threatened legal action and then he, in 2002, the Foundation has put into liquidation. "
solved the mystery of the Foundation is to clarify who are those who now are attributed to the ownership of the technology in question. Of course, the name of Rolando Pelizza is no stranger to news. In fact it was he who end up in the dock, along with former colonel of Sid Massimo Pugliese, the process of Venice wanted by Judge Carlo Palermo for international arms trafficking. Pelizza was immediately acquitted, Pugliese he gets 2 years and 8 months. Appealed and was himself acquitted because "the offense is not." Also for the record, Colonel Pugliese spent the rest of his life by instituting court proceedings against Palermo, the then Prime Minister De Mita Colombo and former ministers (Finance) and Zanone (Defence) requiring 9 billion pounds in compensation. Unheeded in Italy, he turned to the even Strasbourg Court. That said, let's see now who I am and what's pretend friends Pelizza.
all began over 50 years ago
Mr. Panetta, when and how did the invention of this machine.
"The origin of the project dates back to 1958, but only in 1972 was the first event on the subject. In fact, the beam was directed towards the material to be treated: invested in a split second the object underwent a process of annihilation, generating heat. "
The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, we consulted said that in light of our present scientific knowledge, a similar car is not in heaven or on earth, even if in principle it would not be impossible. What do you say?
"This is what they know. But the reality is different. It is shown by tests made by the late Professor Clementel, with the collaboration of Pelizza. In fact, a great theoretical physicist, as if by divine inspiration, intuition has the means to interact with matter. And it is entirely devoted to the drafting of the project. "
Who is speaking?
"Certainly not Pelizza, which only has this helped to build the physical machine. She called him "the professor." He learned from him how to manage it, attending to over fifteen years. Alone would never have had neither the training nor the ability to go that far. "
Say who it is, then.
"I'm sorry, but I can not give names. I'm not allowed to do so. All I can say is that it took about ten years, and brings us to 1981, in order to control the beam. "
Okay, so we can show this marvelous machine: it can make us watch it a try?
"No, sorry. Nobody can see it. Only at the time, when we have defined certain that we have ongoing negotiations in the world, we can show it. And on that occasion Pelizza will also speak. But not before. " But the group related to Pelizza, which is to create a foundation, is really the only one who knows the secrets of the mysterious technology? Apparently, not really. For years, in fact, someone else is an interest in this problem. But as we have formed this second line of research? "By accident - is answered by the electrical engineer Milan Franco Cappiello -. It was the late nineties I met Colonel Pugliese, then at the height of his campaign against judges and judicial policy. One day, perhaps feeling near the end, I told the whole story of the car and gave me the documents in his possession.
There were drawings and construction plans, he had kept everything. He also gave me some useful information on how to build a prototype. It was just in time, for he died in 1998. So, from that moment on I devoted myself heart and soul to the machine and, after studying the phenomenon well, I can say that the scientific basis of this discovery is not really missing. In my opinion, it is a generator of energy to transport positrons (positrons are antiparticles of electrons, positively charged with Ed.) The energy that provides heat and is completely devoid of radioactivity. " Cappiello, however, realizes that a scientific discovery, to be judged as such, must be studied and examined by real scientists. "It is for this reason - he says - that I asked the help of a team of researchers at the University of Pavia. These scientists, led by an authority like Professor Sergio P. Ratti, will study all aspects of this machine. I would like however to clarify that I recently established a fruitful collaboration with Rolando Pelizza.
are asking scientists
hard to imagine a more eminent scientist Professor of rats to study the functionality of the machine. Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Pavia, now retired, Sergio P. Ratti is one of the Italian scientists world's best known and one of the highest authorities in terms of positrons.
Professor Ratti, how he came to the decision to conduct research on the machine that gives you energy?
"Confucius said that science is science when they know what we know separate from what we think we know. In this case, the question arises whether this machine is able or not to free positrons from the vacuum. So we'll do all the necessary evidence, taking the necessary precautions to see if this can really happen. In appropriate conditions, the experiment must be repeatable. Otherwise you do not talk about science. "
What do you mean when you talk about tricks?
"I refer to the 626 law on occupational safety. If you got the annihilation of 500 grams of iron, where would the waste? In the lungs of these? It 'so exhaustive, so for example, that the room in which experiments are carried out either with a special ventilation system with air filters. It will also be present all other active and passive safety devices. "
You already have the right location?
"I sent a request to that effect to the rector of the University of Pavia. I look an answer. "
From a scientific point of view, this discovery could change physics as we know it today. In your opinion, could be accepted as a novelty of this kind?
"He has in mind what happened to Galileo when he spoke of his conclusions on the motion of the earth around the sun ? The problem is that, before we talk about scientific discovery, you must have all the appropriate tests. What I can say is that I have consulted several of my colleagues around the world, and I got interesting answers. One very very important that we work at Harvard University, has confirmed to me that, in principle, it could be. In short, we must study the phenomenon in the most serious and fair as possible. The claim, we will see in due course. "


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