Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ftv Mid Nightwithout Cloth

An individual exists as part of a company, ie a group of people. a single individ is such only when related to the absence of a group that should be part of.
Each of us gives a fundamental contribution to a group, many individuals form a group, a family, a village, a city. The greater the number of components which must relate to one another, the greater the need for inside everyone has equal rights and expression, without harming others or the group itself. The size of the group, village or city is directly proportional to the need to have one or more reference figures that are set up as symbols and agents of the will of the freedom of everyone, without esisgenze respond to personal, superior or "divine" character . Fixed by all such laws are meeting these tomore be applied to all without distinction, perhaps with even more rigor about who is representing the whole.


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