Friday, February 23, 2007

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Force Prodi

The most likely hypothesis seems to be the reference to the Chambers of Romano Prodi. It is not Prodi bis, many say, but Prodi 1 (then the same governmental structures). The center has the support of Marco Follini (who left the People's Party and founded the movement 'Middle Earth' and has a polling station) in the Senate and Raffaele Lombardo has two seats. From what I read on Reuters Italy seems to be 'working' to gain even the support of a senator Forza Italy! Hmmm ... all right but I do not like it ... too wide arrangements? I do not understand. Forza Italy is opposed to any reappointment to Prodi. Do not repeat the statements of Mr Berlusconi because even deserve a comment. However there seems to be a commitment on the level of 12 points - not negotiable - presented by the Prime Minister. The list of 12 points can be found here . The President Napolitano will have to decide to delay the Senate this government to verify trust. E 'approved the expulsion of Senator Franco Turigliatto. I do not know how it will end, but one thing is certain: with this attitude, Prodi has won 10 points. IMHO.


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