Friday, February 16, 2007

Pro Touch Hair Straighteners

Want to be bad?

The effects of smoking on health (cancer and heart disease) are known for some time, that is not well known is the damage that cigarettes cause to the skin. Women, beware: the smoke is due to sagging skin, wrinkles unmistakable, dull and dark circles. A recall is an oncologist Gianni Ravasi, president of LILT (Italian League Against Cancer) in Milan and the dermatologist Riccarda Serri, representative of Women Dermatologie Italy. The term 'smoker's face' (face from smoke) was coined by the British physician Douglas Model 1985, published in the British Medical Journal lists the characteristics of the face of those who smoke: crow's feet, wrinkles around the eyes, sunken cheeks, loss of elasticity of the skin, often pale face. The cause of these effects can be attributed to the toxins contained in the 4000 elements in the smoke that reduce the flow of oxygen and cause the decrease of vitamin A. The skin of a person suffering from smoking is 25 to 40% thinner than the average person. Nearly one woman in five is dependent on the cigarette. I wonder if the fear of losing the beauty manages to convince women to abandon the blondes?


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