Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Milena Velba Und Micky

Enough talk, are facts! The Water

Kyoto Protocol. By now everyone knows what it is. We always talk about good intentions, but you never speak of facts? That's what makes today's technology:

- LED (Light Emetting Diode). They are special lamps which consume about 40% less energy. Some time ago I learned the news of an Italian town that - to cope with economic hardship - he endeavored replacing these lights with LED lights. Resulting in a substantial savings. Just think how many traffic lights in Italy. Always lit, day and night. In North Carolina, Raleigh is the first city in the world lit by LEDs. For now, they started with a parking lot. If you can save almost half, because in Italy - by law - not requiring use of these LEDs? Traffic lights, street lights, signs ... what would be saved?

- Japan, Tokyo. In March you will get the test results related to electricity production from algae in tests carried out showed that with a ton of algae can produce 10 kW of electricity per hour. We supply 20 homes!

- It 's created the solar handbag. You walk and you recharge anything inside. Phones never discharges?

- Solarspot. An Italian company (evvai!) won the gold medal for innovation at the 2003 Paris Batimat. It is a product that - listen, listen - conveys the sunlight indoors. The rooms are brilliantly illuminated with no need for electricity! Only sunlight. There is also the site of Solartrading that is well worth a visit. For those interested, I suggest you visit the site Solarspot.it and watched on television Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 20:30 LA6 canal.

These are just a few facts taken from ecoblog . They are innovations that leave their mark. These technologies available TODAY. This is not the future, it is present. Then, we continue to talk about the Kyoto treaty, or start doing something about it?


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