Friday, September 3, 2010

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La lapidazione non può essere considerata una forma di giustizia, è semplicemente una extreme forms of cruelty without limits. No offense (adultery is not a crime) must be punished by stoning or other form of death sentence. In Iran, as elsewhere in the world, a woman who suffers violence (who is raped) to keep the incident itself, as far as possible, otherwise it will be stoned ... (As has happened and continues to happen).
And the rapist? - You ask - nothing! is not guilty of any crime.

Enough with the religious extremism!
always remember that texts like the Koran and the Bible were written millennia ago, when the cultures had not suffered major processes evolution and civilization, so now you can not interpret the scriptures in the same way 1000 years ago, because we live 1000 years later, in a world that progress, development and civilization. We're not the same men 1000 years ago. We are the result of a long process that had as its main concern is to ensure the equality of men and women and freedom of all. And above all we are the result of centuries of linguistic evolution, logic and democratic. There can be no form of death sentence (or stoning or electric chair or hangings), nor can there be a conviction without a democratic process, during which everyone has to defend himself.
The laws must be based not on a pseudo-historical text of 1000 does, but must be the result of a people living in harmony, where all have the same rights and same duties and where violence and abuse are justly punished and everyone should be able to appeal to the same law.


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