Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prominent Veins In Breast Am I Pregnant

La Padania play in the World Cup ....

And so envious of our nation and our national team, the inhabitants of northern Italy (the area pa-da-na) want an independent state for them to have a team of their own, all green. But
to participate in "World of balls."
This is a special tournament competition Intercontinental (not cultural), during which the participants balls are thrown into the river Po is played in pairs and the aim of the game is to dive into the river to be able to retrieve the balls of mate, with only the aid of the mouth, and place them back in place giugsto.
currently around 12 years the undisputed champion is Senator Calderoli, who always played in pairs with Bossi; think Calderoli is always able to retrieve balls of Sanatur ... as you know: Bossi can not swim ...


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