Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can You Drive To Rikers Island

The ministry of tourism is made later this week

before the announcement. Then the reverse, with the "glue" that hinders the appointment of ministers warning that it is the President of the Republic. Then read states that names not be made, and that the meeting with the Head of State will respect the rules. Finally, during the airing of the show "Porta a Porta" on Monday, the unequivocal announcement of Berlusconi: "I will go to Giorgio Napolitano this week, because I believe that tourism, which is now under the chairmanship of the Council needs a minister without portfolio with the same dignity as other ministries, to set up campaigns that will attract all the new wealthy of the world ". ( click here for more details )

It now seems certain that the appointment will be for Michela Vittoria Brambilla by Secretary to the Prime Minister will go to direct the dicastero.Molti hospitality professionals and magazines in recent years, have spent not a few words in an attempt to frame the benefits of the new ministry would bring the whole comparto.Ritengo that the most important and the recognition, the institutionalization of the sector that drives our economy, to rely on a reference to the vertex coordinates and promotes laws and regulations necessary to make a compact area of \u200b\u200bover 1 million individual economie.Quindi not only promotion and development trade, but also support and respect for the endless typical of a land that boasts a wealth of art than the rest of the world put together, which is able to represent us with dignity in Community policies and to create the necessary interactions with other ministries. The hospitality industry would be among the first to benefit from it, as the figures of attendance recorded by our competitors, such as Spain, which has long has understood the importance of a body responsible for the enhancement of the peculiarities of the country, getting aid from the European Parliament which is due in a few years become one of the leaders mondiali.Grandi expectations and then a fresh wave of optimism that sweeps away the air stale caused by lack of growth in this period.

Paul Caron


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